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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Post 686 - Going Home - Australian Artists Australian Songs

“Going Home - Australian Artists Australian Songs” (514 775-2) released in 1993 on ABC Records was a collection of Australian Songs recorded by Jon English, Doc Neeson, Paul Kelly, Shane Howard to name a few. I can’t find out really why the album was recorded if for something special as there’s very little info anywhere on the album. To me it’s very special though because a friend of mine Rosie and I had a mission to find it because it had a rare Jon English track that we both had never heard before. Rosie was a big Jon fan and that’s how we met through this Blog with one of my posts of Jon that Rosie hadn’t heard before. Five years later and many emails and a few phone calls Rosie and I became great friends mostly chatting about life, grand-kids and of cause our passion for great music. Rosie finally tracked down a copy of this CD on EBay and like the friend she was gave me a copy and we hoped that was now all the Jon English collection complete. Sadly on the 31 of March 2017 Rosie passed away after 3 months being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. So that’s one of the reasons I’m posting this album in memory of my dear friend. We never did get to meet in person for that coffee and chat but I know she’d be smiling seeing this post. Thanks to Graham for sending me this to post as I lost my copy when my hard drive crashed a few weeks back. R.I.P Rosie we will never forget you.Flac 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Post 685 - Bob Jones - Butterfly - Lady Love Song

Bob Jones is certainly a man of mystery his one and only single “Butterfly” b/w “Lady Love Song” (WBA-4020) released in 1972 for Warner Bros. Records.  The single was produced by G.Wayne Thomas and a couple of people even told me that they thought it might have been him singing under the Bob Jones name. A few years ago I was in contact with a lady named Brenda who I’m not sure if she’s G. Wayne Thomas’s agent or P.A. but she knew him and we talked about some of his songs that he was after which I had and she wanted to know if I would fix them up for him for a project he was going to do, (which is another story). So I was hoping she still had the same email and I wrote to her asking about Bob Jones to see if she could put some light on who he was.

As luck would have it she did respond to my email and this is what she said…….’Hi Garry I asked him about the Bob Jones single and he recalls producing the single. Bob Jones sang and wrote both sides of the single. After the record Bob met a Spanish girl and moved to Spain and was never heard of again”. Thanks again to Rex for sending me this very rare record to put on the Blog.Flac

Post 684 - Fingerprint - Play Roulette - When I Get Out Of Here

After going to the U.K. Neale Johns teamed up with Con Gallin where with session player they recorded an album. In 1977 the two returned to Australia and put together the outfit called “Fingerprint” with Trevor Young on drums and bass player Mark Smith. They recorded a single for Infinity Records in August ‘77 “Play Roulette” b/w “When I Get Out Of Here” (K-6911), Gallin penned the A side with Johns writing the B side. They both also produced the single. Not long after “Fingerprint” broke up with Johns and Young re-formed “Blackfeather” in June ‘1978. The label says from the forthcoming album but from what I can find out “Fingerprint” broke up before an album was recorded.Flac 

Post 683 - Ian Betteridge - Northbound Train - Itchy Feet

In 1973 Ian first entered country music by winning 4 sections of the CCMA talent quest at the Tamworth festival then signed a 3 year recording contract with CM records. He formed the “Ramblin’ Country Band”. They performed for 7 years every Sunday from 1983-1990 at the Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford. In 1975 he won a National Search for a Songwriter Contest, the prize being a trip to Nashville, USA.   He wrote the “Wedding Song” which has been recorded in several countries and has been twice to the top of the Hit Parade in Ireland, and featured in the movie “Blown Away” staring Tommy-Lee Jones and Jeff Bridges. The single here for you to download “Northbound Train” b/w “Itchy Feet” (CM-012) was released on CM Records but I’m not sure what year. The label is a bit confusing because it has that it was recorded at Jam Sound Studios Gosford but has a P.O.Box 507 Dubbo N.S.W and it was printed in Singapore, so take your pick. Ian has written over 70 songs which have been recorded by over 60 artists worldwide. Thanks to Paul for this single to put up on the Blog.Flac

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Post 682 - S.J.C. Powell - Celestial Madness

Before the release of this album, S.J.C. Powell (Stephen Joseph Christopher Powell) was guitarist and vocalist in Australian band, "The Mint", who released 4 singles between 1969 and 1971 on the  'Ramrod' label.  They were 3 brothers and a sister Stephen was adopted as the 4th brother. “Celestial Madness” (APLP-014) remains one of Australia's rarest major label releases from the 1970s it was released on Albert Productions in 1975, as it seemingly was one of those mysterious albums that sold very little upon release and sunk without a trace into the land of obscurity. There is plenty of studio experimentation with phasing, tremolo and space-like synthesizer effects that work well with the lyrics. The LP was produced by Chris Gilbey and engineered by Bruce C. Brown. There are two copies floating around EBay at the moment one for $660 and the other going for $1,100 so looks like it’s a rare one to track down. Thanks again to Matt for helping out with the info and Rex once again for sending me this rare gem for the Blog. A great listen and another I didn’t know was out there.Flac

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Post 681 - Symphonique - Inn Of The Damned (short version) - Inn Of The Damned (long version)

This is the theme to the movie “Inn of the Damned” short b/w “Inn Of The Dammed” long (AP-10939) released in 1975, directed, produced and written by Terry Bourke. It’s like a mix of a faux Morricone theme and the Marlboro cigarettes music. “Symphonique”, probably not a band, more likely a recording name for Bob Young who wrote the movie score. There was a 2nd “Symphonique” single released on Albert Productions “Plugg” b/w “Love Theme from Plugg", music also by Bob Young and another movie by Terry Bourke. He also did “Night of Fear” in 1972. Thanks to Hugh for dropping this single to me for the Blog.Flac

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Post 680 - Copperwine - Golden Angels - What's In A Day

A terrific one off 1972 single by Copperwine following the departures of Jeff St. John & Wendy Saddington, this new line-up featured the talents of one of our greatest rock journeymen Glyn Mason out front. Post Chain. Coppwerwine then disbanded with bassist Harry Brus going on to play with a who's who of Aussie rock, while Glyn would soon form his own pioneering country/prog band Home for 2 albums, then joined Mike Rudd in Ariel for some of their best albums. He then rounded out the 70's with the highly popular Stockley See & Mason. Glyn & Sam See can still be found gigging regularly around Melbourne as The Pardoners. Thanks Micko for the notes on this great single. My only regret with this single is that they never released an album.  Flac

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Post 679 - Andy Armstrong - Before I Forget....

Andy Armstrong was a teenager in Adelaide when he cut his first LP “At Last” in 1969. While working with the band “Loveday Carter” in 1970 he met Gary Saunders and Daryl Webb and asked if they'd be interested in working with him on some of his own songs. The result was “Perspective Works”, which came out in 1972 and is full of beautiful musicianship and poetic lyrics. Armstrong cut one further LP in 1979 titled “Before I Forget” (OP 3002) The LP features Phil Cunneen (keyboards), Dean Birbeck (drums), Graham Conlen (acoustic and electric guitars) and Geoff Kluke (acoustic and electric bass)  well  highly regarded musicians one and all, they all support Andy’s vocals and acoustic guitar throughout this record. The album was recorded at Pepper Studios by John McDiamid who also collaborated with Andy on production. Most of the songs on this album were written a few years before its release, more like 1972 than 1979. All the songs were penned by Andy except tracks 5 & 8. Thanks again to Rex for sending me this LP and yes another I did not know about and again well worth a listen. Flac 

Post 678 - Noel Crombie - My Voice Keeps Changing On Me - Ninee Neezup

Noel Crombie (born Geoffrey Noel Crombie on 17 April 1953) is a New Zealand singer and former member of the band Split Enz. He fulfilled multiple roles including costume and hair designer, percussionist, album cover designer, and music video director. Prior to Split Enz, Crombie worked as a postal assistant and was also an artist. For the album Time and Tide, Crombie took over the role of drummer, though a year later returned to percussion, with Paul Hester becoming Split Enz's drummer. He is particularly remembered for playing spoon solos during Split Enz live shows. After Split Enz disbanded, Noel formed the band Schnell Fenster with Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner and Nigel Griggs, also Split Enz alumni, and Michael den Elzen. Rayner left before the first album was released.In 1988 the members of Schnell Fenster collaborated with Wendy Matthews, Michael Harris, Louis McMannus, Vika Bull and Lisa Edwards under the name 'Noel's Cowards' for the movie “Rikky and Pete”. Crombie has released one solo single, "My Voice Keeps Changing on Me" b/w “Ninee Neezup” (K9000) , in 1983 while Split Enz took a break. Tim Finn was the only other band member to have a solo release during this break. According to Crombie he had to either release the single or pay for the studio time. In 1996, Crombie assisted Crowded House by designing the stage set design for their final concert, Farewell to the World at the Sydney Opera House. Crombie currently lives with his daughters Hedwig, Griselda, and his wife Sally whom he works with as a freelance designer. They designed the set for ABC-TV's musical quiz program Spicks and Specks. The single was released on Mushroom Records in 1983 and was produced by Noel and engineered by Jim Barton. Occasionally, Noel  gets banned from playing music in the house. He doesn't blame his wife, Sally, for getting annoyed. Crombie's hobby is making instruments out of recycled materials. "Weird, awful things that give you tingle-up-the-spine sorts of noises," he says "Sally will say, 'You can't play that - it's like fingers up a blackboard'." Flac

Post 677 - Terry Donovan - Loose Ends - Hickery Holler's Tramp

Terence Donovan (born 28 October 1942), also known as Terry Donovan, is a British-born Australian actor and the father of fellow actor and entertainer Jason Donovan. Donovan had minor early acting roles in episodes of the court-room drama series “Consider Your Verdict”, several ABC drama plays, and the children's series "The Magic Boomerang". Moving back to the United Kingdom in the mid-1960s saw guest roles in series including “The Champions”, “Man in a Suitcase”, and “The Prisoner”. After returning to Australia and appearing in guest roles in the Crawford Productions series “Homicide” and “Hunter” in 1968, he was placed on contract, going on to play the role of Detective Mick Peters in Crawford's police series “Division 4”, from 1969 to 1975. In 1976, he played in a popular miniseries adaptation of the novel “Power without Glory” by Frank Hardy. From 1979 to 1981, he starred as Detective Sergeant Vic Cameron in “Cop Shop”. Between 1981 and 1984, he had minor roles in Australian television programs, and acted in the film “The Man from Snowy River” in 1982, playing Henry Craig. In 1985, he had roles in “Prisoner” and “Sons and Daughters”. From 1986 to 1990, he had more minor television roles including the 1989 pilot episode of “E Street” as Ken Swanson which was followed by guest roles in “The Flying Doctors” and “G.P”. He then played Al Simpson, the father of original character Bobby Simpson in “Home and Away”, which went to air in early 1990 and followed this immediately with the role of Doug Willis in “Neighbours”, a character he played regularly until 1994, and made a brief appearance in 2005, when he reprised his role for the show's 20th anniversary special. In 1973 he recorded a single for Fable Records “Loose Ends” b/w “Hickery Holler’s Tramp” (FB 191) the single was produced by Peter Jones and engineered by Graham Owens. This is the only recording that I know of by Terry and was a lot better than I thought after listening to it. Flac 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Post 676 - Livingstone Vale - Star Gazer

I was given this LP to fix up for the Blog from Rex and I must say I’d never heard of Livingstone Vale but I’m very impressed by this album. The band was from Sydney and the members were Ted Samuels, Danny Turner and Brian Smith and that’s about all my books tell me. The album was recorded in 1975, but not released until October 1976. They also released an earlier single in February 1975 (recorded 1974), that does not appear on the album, "Moongirl" b/w "Infinity and Beyond" which none of my books mentions the single at all. The LP “Star Gazer’ (VPL1-0126) was produced by Gus McNeil for RCA Records. A great album and well worth a listen my fav track is “Seduced” sounds very much like Bowie’s “Panic In Detroit” Thanks to Matt for the info on the single and the album’s release date. Flac

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Post 675 - Maple Lace - Can't Stay Away From You - It's A Beautiful Day

Maple Lace was a Sydney band who formed in 1968 and disbanded in 1971. They released 2 singles, the first a cover of the Pipkins "Gimme Dat Ding"  which you will find on Post # 3.  This was their 2nd single “Can’t Stay Away From You” b/w “It’s A Beautiful Day” (CHK-4111) released on Chart Records in 1971 and produced by Barrie McAskill. You'll find more info on the band at Post  #3.Flac

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Post 674 - Naturally Free - Original Soundtrack

In 1974 Ken Anderson booked the Sydney Opera House for the Australian premier of “Naturally Free “. It was a sell-out and received great publicity but he wasn't happy and re-edited the movie. In 1975, the rehash was re-released by MGM/BEF but there was a massive oversight. This G rated movie had its resurgence at Sydney's Kings Cross. Not a 'General Rated' environment for those in the 'know'. It faltered. It stumbled. It almost fell on its face until a South Australian theater in Goodwood took up its release. The movie took off with people lined up around the block. After that, everyone wanted it. Even a drive-in in Queensland had its screen blown down by a cyclone; after a lot of hard work to repair the screen, the drive-in managed to open for three days and broke all records. It was also popular in New Zealand and the USA. “Naturally Free” (NLF-001) Soundtrack was released on APLA Records in 1975; it featured music from “Avenue”, “Justice” and “The Squeeze”. John Laws narrated the film which featured the top motorcyclists from around the world. Thanks again to Rex for this LP for me to fix up. Flac

Monday, 23 January 2017

Post 673 - The Zimmermen - Way Too Casual

A pun on Bob Dylan's real name, Robert Zimmermen, John Dower’s rock outfit The Zimmermen are best remembered for their standout hit "Don't Go to Sydney." After working with several bands during the late '70s and early '80s, John Dowler formed The Zimmermen in June 1983. They found immediate success on the Melbourne pub-circuit where they supported such acts as the Hoodoo Gurus and the Sunnyboys. By the end of 1984, band members Steve Connolly and Michael Barclay had left to join the Paul Kelly Band which became the Coloured Girls the following year. Guitarist Peter Tulloch and drummer Graeme Perry replaced them for the group's debut single, "Don't Go to Sydney," released in January 1985. It became one of the most successful Australian independent singles of 1986 and, after Neil Osborn joined the band as permanent drummer, the band released their debut album, "Rivers of Corn", which contained a second single: "Ordinary Man." The recording of their follow-up stalled in 1987 when Peter "Pedro" Bull was replaced by Alan Brooker and Neil Osborn by former drummer Graeme Perry. Unsatisfied with the recording by the former line-up, John Dowler took the band back into the studio in November 1988. The single "What Really Hurts" was released in February 1989, followed by the album "Way Too Casual" (D 30047). The album was produced ny Lobby Loyde and recorded by Chris Thompson 7 Loyde. A final national tour followed before The Zimmermen disbanded in 1990. John Dowler went on to release a solo album in 1993 titled "Low Society".Flac

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Post 672 - Original Australian Cast - Man-Child

“It’s about the randomness of life … of how you’re here one minute and gone the next, and how you’d better get relationships established because there’s not much else that you can rely on,” recalls composer Chris Neal. “It was hippy, it was flower power, it was joy, joy, joy.”  Neal first hit upon the idea for “Man-child” while he was working in Vietnam in 1968. He had a lot of free time on his hands because he was there as a kind of coach- writer for incoming acts that were working for this American agency ... he’d been brought up on musicals by his parents who were all into Gilbert and Sullivan and Rodgers and Hammerstein and he’d always thought it would be a good idea to write a rock musical. Upon returning to Sydney, Neal became aware of “Hair” and its trailblazing run at the Metro Theatre. His brother Jim put up some money for the production and Chris went about putting together a team to make it happen. A key member was director Michael O’Reilly. “Michael could see straight away that he could bring a lot to the show and everybody was very impressed by his credentials. “He’d choreographed and directed quite a few shows in and around Sydney at the Old Tote and Ensemble and so on. The production struggled to find a suitable venue that was available in Sydney, which drove them to a unique but expensive solution. They ended up getting a plastic bubble tent built by an organisation in Adelaide who had just developed this technology. It was a 600 seat theatre which was called the Bubble Theatre. The $40,000 tent was erected at the Sydney Showground and final rehearsals began. However, they soon realised that while the bubble made an amazing space for theatre productions, it didn’t have the best acoustics for a rock concert. The preview week in early August 1971 saw a positive response from the critics. Then, just as it seemed “Man-child” would be off to a flying start, a freak accident held them back: a massive storm tore a hole in the bubble. With the Bubble Theatre gone, the production was forced on to the road. Their first stop was Brisbane, where “Man-child” proved a great success. In their first week at the SGIO theatre they broke the box office attendance record. Things only got better when they moved to Perth. More sold-out shows followed in Adelaide and there was momentum for “Man-child” to move on to Melbourne, where they planned to record an album and start a season at the Metro Theatre. Things didn’t go to plan, though. The company was informed by their promoter that the theatre wouldn’t need their services: they’d got Grease instead. So they just had to pack their bags and go back to Sydney and that was the end of that.  For all the success it had enjoyed on the road, awareness for “Man-child” fell away quickly. The soundtrack sold around 5000 copies and cracked the lower end of the top 40 charts but stalled without the show on the road to promote it. As far as Neal can recall there has never been another production.  Chris Neal once said…”I wouldn’t allow it to be put on now,  Its relevance is completely gone ... it thrived on joy, joie de vivre, the smile ... if it was going to be redone again I’d probably write about another three drafts and give it a bit of sophistication.” The LP was produced by Spencer Lee with arrangement by Ken Tait & Chris Neal with all lyrics & music by Chris Neal. “Man-Child” (ML OO2) was recorded at TCS Studios Melbourne for M7 Records in 1972. I love when I get a record to fix up for the Blog that I’ve never heard or heard of as the case with this LP. But I must say I was very impressed and like the LP very much. Big thank you to Rex for sending me this album for the Blog.Flac

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Post 671 - Max Merritt - Mean Green Fighting Machine - My Best Friend

 Just about every web site I looked at for info on this single "Mean Green Fighting Machine"/"My Best Friend" (K 196) in 1986, all say that this single was a promotional single for the Canberra Raiders Rugby League team. But looking at the cover of the single something didn’t look right so to clear it up I asked Max himself and I quote……” It was done for the yacht race “Americas Cup” Thanks for clearing that up Max. The single was released on Mojo Records and was produced by Max and Jimmy Sloggett at Sun Studios in Sydney with Peter Contini engineering. Flac

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Post 670 - Tiffani Wood - What R U Waiting 4 - The Mirror - U & I - What R U Waiting 4 (Instrumental)

Tiffani Wood was born on the 8th of November 1977 in Newcastle. She developed an interest in performing from a young age and enrolled into jazz dancing classes where she would eventually also assist teaching younger students. At age 12, Wood's mother Judy encouraged her to take up singing by joining the Young Talent Time talent school. Her teachers quickly noticed her natural singing talent and at age 15, placed her into a show troupe "The Young Stars" which performed at various venues around New South Wales. During this three-year stint, Wood had her first experience of recording for an album and performing solo in front of large crowds, her biggest being the opening of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel where she performed in front of over 20,000 people. During her schooling years, she entered and won numerous talent quests and played the lead vocal role in her 1994 school musical Murder in the Music Hall. She completed her Higher School Certificate in 1995, her highest mark being eighty-five per cent in music and at the age of 18, became the lead singer of a cover band "Quiver". They performed a wide range of songs including Tracy Chapman, Pearl Jam, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, 80's rock and more and Wood recorded original songs with the band. She then moved to Sydney where she enrolled in the Australian Institute of Music choosing vocal as her major, which she completed successfully, and joined another cover band "The Anthill Mob". In late 1999, at the age of 22, Wood auditioned for the first Australian series of Pop stars, a reality television show which aimed to produce a new girl group. After selections for the group were finalized by the judges, she just missed out. However, after original member Chantelle Barry was forced out of the group in controversial circumstances, Wood was selected to replace her as the fifth member of the band, now known as Bardot. Like former Bardot band mate Sophie Monk, Wood signed a solo recording contract with Warner Music and changed her name from Tiffany Wood to Tiffani Wood in order to avoid confusion with the 1980s American pop star Tiffany. The debut single, "What R U Waiting 4" (5046719222) re-introduced Wood back into the music scene, marketed as an organic, light pop-rock singer (similar to the likes of Michelle Branch, Alanis Morissette etc.). The track debuted at No.27 on the ARIA singles chart on 22 March 2004 and was one of the most-played songs on Australian radio in that month. In December 2005, Wood publicly announced her engagement to UK born bouncer Neil Cummins, and the couple married on 28 January 2007. Photos from their wedding featured in OK! magazine. She later gave birth to their first child, Lillian Adel. The couple have since separated and were divorced in May 2009. Flac

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Post 669 - John Farnham & Danni 'Elle - Communication - Attitude

“The Get Real Project” is a youth for youth drug and AIDS education project.  They believed one of the best ways to communicate what it is to be a 15 or 18 year old growing up in Australia was through music. John Farnham & Danni ‘Elle and the rest of the people on this record all donated their time, energy and royalties to the “Get Real Project”. This release came free with "Get Real" Magazine. It came with full colour poster and "Sex & Drugs & AIDS" booklet. The A side was produced by Ross Fraser, Engineers were Doug Brady and Ernie Rose. The band was made up of Acoustic Guitar – Lindsay Field, Backing Vocals – Lindsay Field, Venetta Fields, Bass – Roger McLachlan, Brass – Kevin Dubber, Mark Dennison, Peter Lothian, Drums – Scotty Johnston, Guitar – Brett Garsed and Keyboards – David Hirschfelder. The B side was credited to Question Time who recorded, performed and produced the song “Attitude”. Here to download is the single for RCA Records from 1989 “Communication” b/w “Attitude” (105072).Flac 

Post 668 - The Johnnys - The Johnnys 12" Single

The Johnnys released a 12” single “The Johnnys” (POWT 0240) in 1984 on G.R.E.E.N. Records. Two tracks previously released as a single “My Buzzsaw Baby (Really Cut Me Up)” and “Injun Joe” and “Pray To John Wayne”, “Move It” which only appears on this 12”. “Move It’ was recorded live at the Chevron Hotel. The record was produced by Steve Nieve and Tim Kramer with Engineer Tony Cohen. The band included Bass, Vocals – Graham "Hoody" Hood, Drums – Billy Pommer Jr, Guitar – Paul Doherty and Guitar, Vocals – Spencer P. Jones. Flac

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Post 667 - The Eighty Eights Singles Collection

The Eighty Eights were formed in Newcastle in 1979. The band consisted of Larry Van Kriedt (vocals, guitar), Maurice D’Abruzzo (vocals, guitar), Kent Jackson (bass) and John Bartram (drums). Van Kriedt’s claim to fame was that he was the original bass player for AC/DC in late 1973 and early 1974. They signed with the small Result label in 1980, and released their debut single “She Fell in Love With James Bond” , followed by the EP “Live Pop”. The singles “Don’t Call Us”, “Time Machine”, and the LP “Top of the World” followed.  Here to download are all three singles and the Live E.P. Thanks to Bruce for the E.P. Flac 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Post 666 - The Johnnys Collection

The Johnnys formed in 1982 in Sydney when bass guitarist Graham Hood tried out for the Hoodoo Gurus after quitting the Allniters. He met Hoodoo Gurus' guitarist Roddy Ray’da and they discussed an idea for a side project: playing pub rock in a country music style at a punk pace—which was labelled as cow punk. Ray'da left Hoodoo Gurus and, as a lead vocalist and guitarist with Hood and drummer Billy Pommer Jr, founded The Johnnys.  The Johnnys performed its first concert at Palms disco on Oxford St, Taylors St, Darlinghurst Sydney in November 1982, New Zealand-born Spencer P. Jones joined on guitar and backing vocals. The four-piece released "I Think You're Cute" in October on Regular Records, Ray'da left the group in early 1984 and formed Love Rodeo. Jones took on lead vocals and the band signed with the Green Label to release "My Buzzsaw Baby (Really Cut Me Up)" and an extended play.  In 1985, the band had signed with Mushroom Records which released their single, "Injun Joe" in November. "(There's Gonna Be a) Showdown" followed in March 1986 and then "Bleeding Heart” in June. Their debut album “Highlights of Dangerous Life” appeared in August and was produced by Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool and contained the three singles. Two non-album singles followed in 1987. Wilson produced their second album, Grown Up Wrong, released in August 1988 which included two further singles, "Motorbikin” and "Anything Could Happen".  Michael Armiger replaced Hood on bass guitar. The band broke up in 1989 with Jones continuing in his side-project “Beasts of Bourbon”. Here for you to download are all the singles from 1983/1988. Including the live single “The Way Of The West” that was only sold at their concerts. I also thought it interesting that the B side of “I Think You’re Cute,” “Mountain Man” and the B side of “My Buzzsaw Baby”, “Slip Slap Fishin’” are completely different then the versions that appear on the first LP “Highlights Of A Dangerous Life”.  As a bonus I’ve added the song “Johnny Was A Bad Man” from the various album “Sound Of Sydney” it has never appeared on any of their LP’s or singles.Flac 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Post 665 - Various Artists - A Christmas Gift

The songs on this album are songs for children and families which express the real spirit of Christmas. “A Christmas Gift” (7243 5 24066 2 3) released in 1999 on EMI Records in support of the charitable work of St. Vincent de Paul. The album features Jon English, Doug Parkinson, David Atkins, Jackie Love, Jimmy Little and the Australian Girls’ Choir just to name a few. This project was put together by Monica Brown, director of Emmaus Productions and John Moore, National President of St. Vincent de Paul Society.Flac

Friday, 23 December 2016

Post 664 - Bert Newton with the Debney Park High School Band - Bring Back The Spirit Of Christmas - See The Light

Bert Newton made a Christmas record back in 1981 called “Bring Back the Spirit of Christmas” b/w ‘See The Light” (FB-345), with the Debney Park High School Band. It was recorded on Fable Records. Bert is blessed with an easy listening, smooth vocal delivery which gave this recording a professional warmth and appeal. For quite a few years, this was an Aussie Christmas favorite...and, it's one that still gets airplay across the country each year in December. Bert reminisces about a pre-plastic tree era where he and his Dad would head to a park for a free pine tree. The record was Engineered by Brian Lawrence and Roger Savage and produced by Marcus Tarrant and Graeme Lyall. I once read “They should play this in shopping centres at Christmas when they need to clear everyone out”.  Someone else’s words not mine. Flac

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Post 663 - The Tin Lids - Hey Rudolph!

Tin Lids is rhyming slang for "the kids", as the band members are all children of Scottish-born Australian, Jimmy Barnes, and his Thai-born wife, Jane Mahoney: Eliza-Jane Barnes (born 1984), Elly-May Barnes (born 1989), Jackie Barnes (born 1986) and Mahalia Barnes (born 1982). The group were in the children's choir as part of the back-up singers on their father's track, "When Your Love Is Gone", from his solo album, “Two Fires”. Their maternal uncle is Mark Lizotte, who also performs as Diesel or Johnny Diesel.  The Tin Lids released their first album in November 1991 as a collection of Christmas carols, ‘Hey Rudolph!’ (D26071)’ released on Mushroom Records and peaked at No. 6 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Most of the instrumentation was supplied by David Froggatt, the album's producer and arranger; it was recorded at Barnes' Freight Train Studios, Sydney. The album provided the single, "Christmas Day", which reached No. 40 on the ARIA Singles Chart.Flac

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Post 662 - Jo Jo Zep & His Little Helpers - Run Rudolph, Run - Guess Who

In late 1975, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons were formed in Melbourne as Jo Jo Zep and His Little Helpers. The band was put together after Ross Wilson, who was waiting out his recording contract, had turned to producing other artists for the label, Oz Records. He decided to produce a version of Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run", as a one-off Christmas single for Mushroom Records. Contractually, Wilson could not perform the vocals himself, so he asked his friend, Joe Camilleri (ex-The Pelaco Brothers with Stephen Cummings) to sing and play on the recording. Camilleri's nickname was Jo Jo Zep, which was derived from a traditional Maltese nickname for "Joseph", so the group was named Jo Jo Zep and His Little Helpers. The line-up included bass guitarist, John Power. To promote the single, Camilleri and Power formed a more permanent blues and rock music band. Power had relocated from Sydney to Melbourne to join Company Caine for an album which Wilson was producing. However Company Caine, which also included guitarist Jeff Burstin, and drummer John McInerney, had soon separated. Wilson suggested that all three team up with Camilleri to perform "Run Rudolph Run" as part of a Christmas show at the Myer Music Bowl. This performance (still billed as "Jo Jo Zep and His Little Helpers") marked Camilleri's first appearance on Countdown.  After the Christmas performances, they added a second guitarist and vocalist, Wayne Burt and Daddy Cool's drummer Gary Young replaced McInerney. Now a five-piece outfit consisting of Camilleri, Burstin, Burt, Power, and Young, the band renamed themselves Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, with the Falcons part referencing Camilleri's Maltese background. Camilleri had wanted his former band mate, Cummings, to join as lead vocalist, but Cummings declined and later formed The Sports. Here to download is that Christmas single “Run Rudolph,Run” b/w ‘Guess Who” (K-6194).  Interesting to note that the B side was written by S.Clause.Flac

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Post 661 - Ol'55 - Xmas Promo

This was a promo Christmas record released by Ol’55 for Mushroom Records in 1976. It has all the members of Ol’55 doing Christmas promos as well as all the band telling us what Christmas means to them.  This Xmas Promo (MX-46443) was only released for radio stations.Flac 

Post 660 - Paul Walden - Penny Christmas Card - That's What I See In You

Paul Walden was signed by HMV in 1958, and with his deep, rich, resonant voice and smooth good looks, boyish charm and crowd-pleasing personality soon found himself with a string of radio hits and busy performing schedule. In 1959 he headed to London where he sang with the BBC Light Orchestra, was resident entertainer at the Down Under Club, and acted in several films. In the early Sixties he was home again, and starring in TVNZ’s first entertainment series After Dark. He also did radio shows on the YA network and continued releasing singles and albums and did several legendary tours organised by Joe Brown (crowd-pleasing concerts that also starred Howard Morrison, Peter Posa, John Hore and the Quin Tikis). In December 1965 Paul released a Christmas single called “Penny Christmas Card” b/w “That’s What I See In You” (HR-254) released on HMV Records. Flac

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Post 659 - Jacqui Fitzgerald - Stand Up For Your Love - Hurtin' Each Other

Jacqui's deep, silky tones are well known to most New Zealanders. While her voice became familiar in households across the country through her work on the award winning BASF ‘Dear John’ advert (which went on to win world acclaim and is in the Advertising Hall Of Fame), she is a session vocalist and successful recording artist in her own right. She won the Jazz Album of the Year in 1985 with The Masquerade Is Over (the first time a female had won the award). The album won acclaim and was highly rated by music writers and reviewers across the country. In 1979 this single “Stand Up For Your Love” b/w “Hurtin’ Each Other” (103548) was released in Australia on Laser Records and in New Zealand on Key Records.Flac 

Post 658 - T.M.G - Disturbing The Peace - U.S.Release

In April 1978 TMG set off on a marathon three-month national tour to promote their new studio LP Disturbing The Peace , which was released that month, and although it didn't make the national album charts, two of the three singles lifted from it did become hits -- "Lazy Eyes" reached #21 in May and their cover "Heart Of Stone" made #20. Although these proved to be their last national hits, they gave TMG the enviable distinction of a having achieved nine national hit singles in a row. At the end of the year the group signed an American deal with the Atlantic label and their “Disturbing The Peace” (SD 38-115) was released on Atco Records. The LP was issued with a different cover as well as the tracks “Girl On The Stage” and “One Night” were replaced with “Devil In You” and “Too Bad”. Thanks to Peter for giving me this album to put on the Blog.Flac

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Post 657 - Smoky Dawson & Friends - Ridin' All Over Again

Smoky Dawson, born as Herbert "Herb" Henry Brown, was an Australian country music performer, radio star, entertainer, and icon. He was widely touted as Australia's first singing cowboy complete with acoustic steel string guitar and yodel, in the style of American Gene Autry: Dawson had an extraordinarily long and prolific career, releasing his first single in 1941 and his last album in 2005, aged 92, making him at the time the world's oldest recording artist (now surpassed by Dame Vera Lynn who released an album aged 97, in 2014). Through his high-rating syndicated radio serials (at their height broadcast on 100 stations) television appearances, comic books and songs he created the persona of a happy-go-lucky singing cowboy". In 1995 he released the “Ridin’ All Over Again” (DIN453D) on Dino Records. He teamed up with Australia’s finest singing duets with the likes of John Farnham. Angry Anderson, Ray Burgess, Slim Dusty, Jimmy Barnes, Normie Rowe, Johnny Chester just to name a few. The album was engineered by T.M.G’s drummer Herm Kovac and produced by Chris Evans with help from Doug Trevor and Glenn Wheatley. In his later years Smoky Dawson was diagnosed with arthritis, emphysema and two hernias. In June 2000 he was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver and had spinal injuries.[ As of 2004 he and Dot presented a radio show on 2NSB and lived in Lane Cove, New South Wales. Herbert Henry "Smoky" Dawson died on 13 February 2008 after a short illness, a month short of his 95th Flac

Monday, 21 November 2016

Post 656 - The Delltones - Give Me Some Loving - Have A Little Talk With Myself

The Delltones have been performing for Australian audiences for over five decades; their most successful recording years were in the 1960's. Wilson is the only current member from the original line-up. In the mid-1980's, he transformed the group from a vocal quartet to a five-piece vocal band. This, along with other stylistic changes, led to the band's resurgence and the chart topping, rock ‘n roll revival album, “Bop Til Ya Drop”. The Delltones remain one of the most consistent live entertainers in Australia and have been entertaining Australian audiences for over five decades. Wilson is the only current member from the original line up. The band recorded for a number of different labels over the years. In 1970 they recorded this single for Fable Records, a cover of the Spencer Davis Group’s “Give Me Some Loving” b/w “Have A Little Talk With Myself” (FB-030) the B side was a cover of Ray Stevens 1969 song. David MacKay produced and arranged the single. Flac 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Post 655 - Barry Michael - I Don't Understand (Where I Fit In) - All To You

Barry Michael started playing guitar at twelve years of age. He grew up listening to Fats Waller, County swing and Top 40 pop music. In 1980 he took off to see the world. For three years he travelled around America and Europe before ending up in London, where he met two brothers who played in ‘The Incredible Kidda Band”, a post punk rock band. Barry immersed himself in the London music scene and started writing songs, playing live with their band, and doing solo spots in pubs and clubs. In 1986 he returned to Australia and performed on the national TV show “Hey It’s Saturday”, on the Red Faces segment. He won on the night and was called back to perform on the show. He soon signed to EMI Records Australia and released two singles. His song “I Don’t Understand Where I Fit In” b/w “All To You” (EMI.1812) was a top 40 hit nationally and top 10 in Victoria. I was impressed at Barry’s backing band for this single which included Gary Young and Wayne Duncan, Paul & Mike Grabowski, Red Symons, Virgil Donati and Margot Moir, Red Symons also produced the single. In 2012 Barry rerecorded the single as a swing song. He was trying to write a love song with a difference.  Flac

Post 654 - The Jelly Roll Big Band - I've Been Away Too Long - Son Of A Preacher Man

“The Jelly Roll Big Band” was initially formed in cairns as “brass knuckle” - and won far North Queensland section of hoadleys battle of sounds then went to Rockhampton for country finals and come second to Townsville band the “Club”. They supported a lot of acts in Brisbane in 1971 which included Normie Rowe, Kamahl, and Doug Parkinson to name a few. “I’ve Been Away Too Long” b/w “Son Of A Preacher Man” (QK-4412), The A side penned by Max Merritt made it into the Brisbane Top 30 in 1971. The B side if I didn’t know and heard it on the radio I would have thought it was Blood Sweat & Tears even the vocals sound like David Clayton Thomas. Recorded for Sunshine Records the single was produced by Richard Batchens. Members were Barry Whitehead, Dave Godfrey, Stephen Berry-Porter, Ian Robinson and John James. This was the only recording by the band, a real pity there wasn’t an LP. Flac 

Post 653 - The Jug Band - Feeding Time - Hey Bulldog

The Jug Band  formed in Brisbane in late 1969 till 1973 had over fifteen member go through their stables in the three years they were together, yet only released one single in that time for Festival Records in 1971. “Feeding Time” b/w “Hey Bulldog” (FK-4402), the A side was written by guitarist Ray Nancarrow with the B side a cover of the Beatles song which first appeared on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack album. Flac 

Post 652 - Daytime Actors - Dance To The Beat - Got To Run

This single “Dance To The Beat” b/w “Got To Run” (TS 701) by the Daytime Actors was their first single in 1985 released on Top Shelf Records. The second single can be found on Post # 180 along with what little info I could find at the time. One thing that has me thinking is that according to all my books the band was formed in 1986 but this single came out in 1985, interesting don’t you think? Flac

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Post 651 - Liv Maessen & Jimmy Hannan - Love Is For The Two Of Us - Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Babe

Liv Maessen and Jimmy Hannan had a go at a duet in 1971. It made no impact on the charts..."Love Is For The Two Of Us" b/w “Did You Give The World Some Love Today Babe” (FB-092) The single was produced by Geoff Hales for Fable Records. The A side was penned by Taku Izumi & Michio Yamagami and was given English lyrics by Sydney Lee. It also seems the Original version was sung in 1967 by Naomi Sagara and its original title: “The world is a thing for beloved two lovers”. Further research finds that the original English version was performed by Rene & Rene, a Latin pop duo from Texas.  Thanks to Doug Smith and Matt Gleeson from the “Milesago” FB page, for their good sleuthing for more info on this song.  On a personal note back in our radio days Mrs Ozzie myself and Graham were given a copy of this single to fix up for air play. The single was in pretty bad shape and after many hours of running through many computer programs I guess you could say we got it presentable enough to play on air. It has taken me about 4 years or more to find a copy to fix up again, so here’s hoping this will put the nightmares and demons to bed, “you had to be there”!!! Flac

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Post 650 - Rod Boucher - Every Little Bit Of Australia - Technological Hero

Prior to his involvement with Good God Studio, Rod Boucher was a member of The Henchmen, a university folk band, then Buffalo Drive, a Rock band from Adelaide. He penned several commercial “hits” during that time including: “No Worries Luv”, (a timeless Aussie love song), “Money Stride” “The Yoohoo Song” and “Every Little Bit of Australia” b/w “Technological Hero” (MS 469) here for you to download. The single was produced by Chris Neal in 1980. Rod was known after Buffalo Drive as the guy who wrote and sang the Christian TV ads. He and his wife and 5 daughters relocated to England in the late 80's. His daughters are Danielle, Rebecca, Sunshine, Butterfly and Eden.  His 4th daughter Butterfly (real name) is now an international recording artist.Flac

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Post 649 - Fielding & Dyer - The Ghost - Big White Horse

After Fielding & Dyer’s win on New Faces the duo were signed to Spin Records. They recorded “The Whale” which was a hit all around the country. They were then faced with what to record next so the two went with their completion winner “Big White Horse” and penned a song called “The Ghost” in the style of The Whale along with the "Di di di di di’s" to be the A side. “The Ghost” b/w “Big White Horse” (ATAK-5047) wasn’t as successful at the 1st single, but I think it was better (my opinion). This single was released on ATA Records in 1973 and produced by Gus McNeil and recorded by Bruce Brown.Flac 

Post 648 - Leonie Goodwin - Child Of Mine - Commissar

Singer Leonie Goodwin is a little known session singer, who was once part of the Sydney-based studio group “White Wine”, put together by Gus McNeil in 1969. In 1971 Leonie released a solo single for Spin Records, “Child Of Mine” b/w “Commissar” (EK-4348). The A side was penned by Carole King & Gerry Goffin and the B side written by our own Greg Quill. The single was produced by Gus McNeil. It maybe me just me but the B side to me sounds very much like Country Radio doing the backing, have a listen and see what you think. flac

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Post 647 - Captain Australia And His Mate Downunder - Skylab Fragment - You Got Soul

Captain Australia And His Mate Downunder ,  that’s a mouth full and that’s about all I know of this band. From what I can find out I’m pretty sure they were a Western Australian band from the references to Perth and W.A as well as being recorded at Sweetcorn, Perth. It was engineered by Keith Cramond and released on WEA Records in 1979.   Lynton, Galley penned “Skylab Fragment” b/w “You Got Soul” (100 106) and maybe they were members of the band?  One interesting thing I did find out that it was released in the U.S. on Big Tree Records in the same year. Skylab was the United States' first space station, orbiting Earth from 1973 to 1979, when it fell back to Earth and caused a huge worldwide media attention. FLAC