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Sunday 8 October 2023

Post 776 - The Believers - The Complete Recordings


David Lyons (Drums), Mike Dorr(Guitar/Vocals) and Michael Crocker (Bass/Vocals) decided to put together the sound and style they really wanted. They appeared from nowhere with  the infectious debut single "Lemon Tree" b/w "You Say" released on Terrace Records in 1985. The Believers never played live much and wouldn't give interviews, and resided incognito somewhere in Melbourne. A second single was released in 1987 "So Many Times" b/w "Tobacco Road" on Cleopatra Records. Their sound had the general aura of such sixties bands like The Kinks, The Hollies and The Beatles circa 63-66. They went into Sing-Sing studios with a hefty wad of tracks and a desire to set down a bunch more. This they did and a bevy of pop gems were quickly laid to tape. Being the perfectionists they are however a bunch of these recordings still reside in their vaults, including a follow up single "Rain" and a heap of other numbers that flowed from the musical minds of Croker & Dorr. Nonetheless five tracks escaped their clutches and it is those five tracks that appear on their debut E.P. titled simply "The Believers" 1989 on Rubber Records. This info came from Rubber Records promo sheet that was included in the record cover of the E.P.Thanks again Henry DeRooy for the great art work. Flac

Friday 6 October 2023

Post 775 - Martin Plaza - A's B's & Rarities


Martin Edward Murphy (born 1 January 1956), commonly known by the pseudonym Martin Plaza, is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician and visual artist who is a founding member and vocalist and guitarist of the band Mental As Anything. In 1986, Plaza performed with the Rock Party, a charity project initiated by the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) composed of many Australian and New Zealand artists including members of Crowded House, GANGgajang, Models, and Mental As Anything. The Rock Party released a 12" single "Everything to Live For", which was produced by Joe Wissert, Phil Rigger and Phil Beazley.In 1986, Plaza had a No. 2 hit in Australia with a cover of the 1960s Unit 4+2 song "Concrete and Clay", and the subsequent solo album Plaza Suite also charted. Further singles were not as successful. In 1991 another planned solo album morphed into a collaboration with former Models member, James Freud. Entitled Beatfish, it became one of the first Australian Dance or House albums. Another surprising turn was his 1994 album Andy's Chest. Composed almost entirely of Lou Reed covers, it divided critics at the time. Another collaboration with Freud in 1996 produced the Hawaiian-inspired Moondog project; however, Plaza only appears on some tracks.Here for you are all Martin's singles and B sides and some recordings from various artists albums and extended mixes ect. Thanks again to Henry DeRooy for the art work.Flac

Sunday 3 September 2023

Post 774 - The Keith Lamb Story 1977/1982


Keith Lamb is an English-born Australian musician who was the lead singer and founding member of the 1970s glam rock band, Hush. He had been singing since the age of 10 years old, fronting English bands including Mr. Toad, The Case and Sleepy Talk. Mr. Toad supported UK acts including the Who and the Equals.Lamb emigrated to Australia in 1970 with his school friend, Hush guitarist Robin Jackson.Lamb co-wrote Hush's music with guitarist Les Gock. He was one of Australia's better known front men of the 1970s, along with Bon Scott. On the passing of Scott, Lamb was considered as a replacement.Lamb lived for performing and was heartbroken when Hush split up. He went on to produce the work of bands Airport, Larry, and the Keith Lamb Band, but none had the commercial success of Hush. Lamb also wrote songs for other artists and bands. With Alan Lancaster of Status Quo, Lamb cowrote several songs for Status Quo between 1979 and 1983, including the top ten hits "Ol' Rag Blues", "Over the Edge", and "I Want the World to Know". In this collection you get the two Lamb's singles for Wizard the one and only single for "Larry" and the three "Airport" singles. Thanks again Henry DeRooy for the art to go with this post. Flac

Thursday 17 August 2023

Post 773 - The Jim Keays Collection


Jim Keays was a Scottish-born Australian musician who fronted the rock band The Masters Apprentices as singer-songwriter, guitarist and harmonica-player from 1965 to 1972 and subsequently had a solo career. He also wrote for a music newspaper, Go-Set, as its Adelaide correspondent in 1970 and its London correspondent in 1973.The Masters Apprentices had Top 20 hits on the Go-Set National Singles Charts with "Undecided", "Living in a Child's Dream", "5:10 Man", "Think about Tomorrow Today", "Turn Up Your Radio" and "Because I Love You". The band reformed periodically, including in 1987 to 1988 and again subsequently. Keays, as a member of the Masters Apprentices, was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1998. As a solo artist he issued the albums The Boy from the Stars (December 1974), Red on the Meter (October 1983), Pressure Makes Diamonds (1993), Resonator (2006) and Dirty, Dirty (2012). He published his memoirs, His Master's Voice: The Masters Apprentices: The Bad Boys of Sixties Rock 'n' Roll, in 1999. From 2000, he performed in Cotton Keays & Morris alongside other former 1960s artists Darryl Cotton and Russell Morris. In July 2007, Keays was diagnosed with myeloma, which caused his kidneys to fail. By 2009 the cancer was in remission after chemotherapy and stem-cell transplants. However, he died in 2014 from pneumonia due to complications resulting from his cancer at age 67.Here are all the singles from '74/'94 and more great art work from Henry DeRooy. Flac 

Monday 17 July 2023

Post 772 - Rockwell T. James - The Singles


Rockwell T James, (Ronnie Peel) was, amongst other things a member of The Missing Links, La De Da's, John Paul Young All Stars and Thunderclap Newman. As a solo performer he recorded his first single in 1968, ''Love PowerNew Orleans Funk'' on the Festival label with the Rhythm Aces (of which I have no information who made up the band) which did OK. Peel and the Rhythm Aces performed at Sydney's Whisky A Go Go and they also travelled to Melbourne for a series of gigs at Berties. It would be another eight years before he released his second single ''Come On Home'' on the Infinity label in 1976. His third and best-known song ''Roxanne'' was released in the same year and made the Top 40 nationally. The one and only album Ronnie released was 'A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues' the brainchild of Garth Porter, who enlisted the help of Sherbet, Kevin Borich, Janice Slater, Ted Mulry and Cheetah to record the album. Ronnie Peel died in 2020.Thanks to Henry for more fine art work. Flac

Sunday 18 June 2023

Post 771 - The Little Heroes - The Singles Discography '80-'84


Little Heroes formed in 1980, by founding mainstay Roger Hart on lead vocals and guitar. They released three studio albums, "Little Heroes" (August 1981), "Play by Numbers" (August 1982) and "Watch the World" (September 1983). Their highest charting hit, "One Perfect Day", which was released in 1982, reached No. 12 on the Kent Music Report Singles Chart. Their other charting singles are "Young Hearts" (1982), "Watch the World" and "Bon Voyage" (both 1983). They disbanded in June 1984.After The Little Heroes had broken up Roger Hart became a writer and meditation trainer. John Taylor became a film maker and graphics designer. As of September 2013 Paul Brickhill was the Head of Music/Audio Visual Coordinator at the Australian Ballet School.Alan 'Clutch' Robertson worked for Warner Music for sixteen years in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.Martin Fisher became a Crown Prosecutor in the Northern Territory and by October 2010 was Acting Director, Legal Policy for the Department of Justice. He played keyboards in popular Darwin band The Fabulous Baker Brothers. Peter McCaughley was a drummer for The Secret Police from 1979 to 1980. After leaving The Secret Police he joined Danger Dancer and died in 1986 of a brain haemorrhage at the age of 32. Thanks to Henry DeRooy for more fine art to go with this post.Flac

Saturday 3 June 2023

Post 770 - V Capri - The Singles '85/'88


V Capri formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1984, lead vocalist Tod Johnston and guitarist Damian Ward, they joined with Lance Karapetcoff on keyboards, Michael O'Brien on bass guitar and Alan Sampson on drums. The band was popular in Perth and released their debut single, "Only a Movie" on the independent Theatre Label in April 1985, which reached the Perth top 10 but did not reach the top 50 nationally. Success in Perth led to signing with Mushroom Records and the release of further singles but they were unable to transfer their popularity in Perth to the eastern states. They released six further singles which all reached the top 10 in Perth, with "Haunting Me" and "That's the Way" peaking at #1 locally. The singles reached the top 100 in the Australian charts between April 1985 and June 1987. Their debut, and only album, In My World, was released by Mushroom Records in November 1986. It reached number 52 on the Australian charts on the Kent Music Report) in October 1986. The single "Haunting Me" had international release when used in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours at the end of Kylie Minogue’s final episode, it reached #77 on the UK Singles Chart in 1989.Thanks again to Henry DeRooy for the fine art work.Flac

Saturday 22 April 2023

Post 769 - James Freud - The Singles Collection

Freud formed his first band, Sabre, at the age of 16, with high school friend and guitarist Sean Kelly and drummer Ian McFarlane. Their first performance was at his younger sister's slumber party. After hearing the Sex Pistols' song "God Save the Queen" in 1977, Freud formed The Spred with Kelly, and three other members. Formed late in 1977, Teenage Radio Stars was a glam-punk band with Freud on lead vocals and guitar and Kelly on guitar and vocals. When the opportunity came to record a single, "I Wanna Be Your Baby", later covered by Uncanny X-Men, two members were fired. Mick Prague and Mark Harvey joined the band and performed "I Wanna Be Your Baby" on Countdown.By early 1979,he formed James Freud & the Radio Stars with Murray Doherty on bass guitar, Roger Mason on keyboards, Glenn McGrath on drums and Bryan Thomas on guitar, and later Tony Harvey playing guitar and Mick Prague on bass. This line up plus various guest artists recorded the album Breaking Silence between July and November 1979, with Tony Lugton and Peter Cook contributing before the completion and release in 1980.They signed with Mushroom Records and their debut single, "Modern Girl," was released in May 1980, which peaked at No. 12 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart. They supported British singer-keyboardist, Gary Numan on his Australian tour. James Freud & the Radio Stars' debut album Breaking Silence was released in June, it was produced by Tony Cohen.In 1982, Freud joined Models as bass guitarist after the departure of Mark Ferrie, reuniting with old collaborator Kelly. Freud shared lead vocalist duties on some songs, beginning with one of his compositions, "Facing The North Pole in August" from The Pleasure of Your Company LP. Freud teamed with vocalist and guitarist Martin Plaza as Beatfish, releasing an eponymous record in 1992. In 1995, Freud canned his next proposed solo album, BigMouth, but some material was used on the Hawaiian surf-themed Postcard to Hawaii album released in 1996 by his next band, Moondog. Freud was the lead vocalist with Plaza and Phil Ceberano on guitar and backing vocals. In 1999, he performed "One Tony Lockett", an ode to the footballer Tony Lockett as James Freud & the Reserves. On 4 November 2010, Freud was found dead at his home in Hawthorn.A week earlier on the 27th of Oct.the Models were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Thanks once again to Henry DeRooy for the fine art work. flac

Post 768 - OMC - The Singles 1994 - 2007


OMC, or Otara Millionaires Club, were a New Zealand music group, then duo, with vocalist Pauly Fuemana later becoming the sole member. OMC was best known for the 1995 hit "How Bizarre", named one of the greatest New Zealander songs of all time by the Australasian Performing Right Association. The full name of the band is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Otara's status as one of the poorest suburbs of Auckland. Signed to Simon Grigg's Huh! label, OMC released the single "How Bizarre" in New Zealand in late 1995. It was an immediate smash hit even without a video, reaching number one in early 1996 and staying there for three weeks. It sold over 35,000 copies.The same year, "How Bizarre" went to number one in Australia for five weeks, sold over 150,000 singles. Later in the year the single went to number 5 in the UK and number one in countries across Europe and much of the rest of the world.In the United States, "How Bizarre" spent 32 weeks on Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 chart, peaking at number one in August 1997 due to the large amount of radio play it received. This made OMC the first New Zealand artist to reach the number one spot on a Billboard chart."How Bizarre" was followed by the singles "Land of Plenty" which reached the top 5 in the New Zealand charts; "Right On" which achieved platinum-status in New Zealand; and "On The Run" which was a minor international hit in the Netherlands and the UK. By 1998, Fuemana and Jansson had a falling out over royalties, which ended up in court. It was resolved in arbitration with Fuemana paying a sum to Jansson and Jansson handing over all claim to the name and ongoing artist royalties.Fuemana and Jansson regrouped in 2005 and released the single "4 All of Us", featuring the actress Lucy Lawless as a guest vocalist, in 2007.Phil died in 2005 of a heart attack.On 31 January 2010, Pauly Fuemana died at North Shore Hospital in Auckland after suffering for several years from a chronic degenerative disease, progressive demyelinating polyneuropathy, an auto-immune disorder similar to the nerve disease multiple sclerosis. He was 40 years old. Thanks to Henry DeRooy for the art work. flac

Sunday 26 March 2023

Post 767 - Hans Poulsen - 1968 - 1973 Singles


Hans Poulsen was born in Melbourne, Australia on 7 March 1945. His parents, Vic and Nellie Poulsen, played two instruments, lap-steel guitar and ukulele with their styles of Hawaiian music, as well as bush ballads, country and western music and folk.

Poulsen has in error often been stated to be born in Denmark, although his descent is Danish, his paternal grandfather had migrated to Victoria, from Denmark during the early 20th century and being proud of his heritage, Poulsen took the first names of "Hans Sven" while still a teenager. It is possible that he took the name as a stage-name when he started his school band in 1961 called the Rimfires; at this time he played around the Frankston area, an outer suburb of Melbourne, and around the Mornington Peninsula region on the coast. It was here that he learnt his craft and became known for his interpretation of the music and songs of Buddy Holly. In 1965, Poulsen formed the first version of a Melbourne group called '18th Century Quartet", which played original material (mostly by Poulsen) and performed in a style that later came to be known as world music; the group also differed from most of its contemporaries with its use of diverse acoustic instruments including mandolin, autoharp and bouzouki. The second incarnation would be a more pop orientated sound.

After embarking on a solo career in 1967, Poulsen had two Australian pop hits with the songs "Boom Sha La La Lo" co written with Seekers Bruce Woodley and "There's a Light Across the Valley". He also had success as a songwriter with hits written for other artists, including "Rose Coloured Glasses" for John Farnham, "Lady Scorpio" for The Strangers and "Monty and Me" for Zoot. One of his best-known and most successful compositions, "It's Only a Matter of Time", was the much-played B-side of the single "The Real Thing" by Russell Morris. He also wrote the theme music for GTK (standing for "Get to Know") was an Australian popular music TV series of ten minute episodes, produced and broadcast by ABC Television from 1969 to 1975.

Poulsen died on 17 February 2023, at the age of 77. Thanks to Henry DeRooy for the art work. Flac

Saturday 18 March 2023

Post 766 - Result Records Story


Result Records were a short lived 80s label out of Sydney who recorded artists such as "The Motivaters", "The Eighty Eights", "Colin Stead", "The Jukes" who later changed their name to "Silent Movies". 

The Motivaters - Rick Brewer,Dave Springfield, Kenny Miller, Rick Petropoulos.

The Eighty Eights - Kent Jackson, Maurice D'Abruzzo, John Bartram, Larry Van Kriedt.

The Jukes/Silent Movies - Colin Bayley, Mick Radatti, Ray Vanderby, Bill Brittenden.

Colin Stead played with Lloyd's World (67/68), Sweet Wine (70) and Buffalo Drive (76). Thanks to Henry DeRooy for the art work.Flac


Post 765 - Maggie Britton - The Complete Singles '67 - '80


Maggie Joddrell performed regularly on Brian Henderson's Bandstand during the 60s. She released a number of singles on the Festival label. Her first single "Come On Down" reached number one on the New Zealand chart and remained in the top ten for twelve weeks. Later Maggie signed to the major U.S. film and recording company; United Artists to record in the USA. Along with the contract came a name change and from there on she was Maggie Britton. On this label she released two singles "Reuben James b/w Hushabye Boy" and "Apple On A See-Saw b/w God Made His Children" in 1970. Since her Bandstand days she has performed with The Bee Gees, Robin Gibb, Peter Sellers, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, The Mama's and Papa's, The Temptations and the Three Degrees. Among the highlights of Maggie Britton's many international appearances is a Royal Command Performance at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London before members of the Royal family. From 1995 until 2000, Maggie was Co-Director of the South Pacific International Song Contest Pty Ltd. The company was responsible for staging the prestigious South Pacific International Music Awards, a pre-release awards event and hit predictor show casing the best young talent from the world’s music industry. Taking place annually and involving a variety of events presented over a five- day period.  The South Pacific International Music Awards Gala Concert was a televised presentation hosted by Maggie Britton, broadcast in Australia on the NBN network and internationally in twelve Countries.Maggie is recognised as a music producer, who skilfully and patiently guides both the artist and the project. The resulting product is commercially viable and achieved within the budget. Production credits include awards for Best Producer 2002 and Best Album 2002 presented by the Recording Industry Association, Queensland. Thanks to Henry DeRooy for the art work.Flac

Post 764 - Autumn - The Singles


Autumn formed in Sydney in 1969. Their debut single, "Mr Henry's Lollipop Shoppe", was released early in the following year via EMI/Columbia. They were signed to Chart Records during the 1970 radio ban, which had started in May as a "pay for play" dispute between major record labels and commercial radio stations. Autumn's second single, "Yellow River" 1970, was a cover version of U.K. band Christie which was not played on commercial radio due to the ban. For Autumn's recording the line-up was Glenn Beatson on drums, Rick Graham on bass guitar, Greg Jacques on organ, Steve McMurray on guitar and Tony Romeril on lead vocals. After ten weeks on the Go-Set National Top 60, it peaked at No. 1 on 31 October 1970. "Looking Through the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl" '71 was their next charting hit, which reached No. 24. They were also the backing band for Dave Allenby, who issued a cover version of UK group Edison Lighthouse's "She Works in a Woman's Way". Autumn issued their debut album, "Song to Raymondo". By March 1971 Jacques was replaced by Alan Marshall on guitar. The new line-up released another charting single, "Falling". Unlike their previous charting hits, "Falling", was an original – written by their drummer, Beatson. Their second album, "Comes Autumn", appeared later that year via Warner. At the end of 1971 Charlie Wright joined on piano and organ. Their final single, "Just Couldn't Believe It" '71 featured Marshall, its writer, on lead vocals. The group travelled to the UK but disbanded there early in 1972.After splitting Beatson, Marshall and McMurray formed a UK group, "Mecca" before relocating to Canada. In 1976 they formed a Canadian rock band, "Wireless", which issued three albums. Romeril lived in Italy, for a few years, where he recorded material as Andy Foxx. Graham and Romeril reformed Autumn in Sydney in 1976 with James Caulfield on keyboards, Dave Hallard on guitar, and Con Westaberg on drums; but disbanded soon after. Autumn reunited for a tribute, benefit concert, Gimme Ted in March 2001 in support of contemporary singer-songwriter, Ted Mulry. Their performances appeared on a 2×DVD video album, Gimme Ted – The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts (May 2003). In 2015 Romeril released a tribute album, "Will You Remember Me: a Tribute to Ted Mulry... Songwriter", he sang on five of its thirteen tracks, which were written by Mulry. He also engineered and produced the album. Thanks to Henry DeRooy for the art work.Flac

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Post 763 - Split Enz - Next Exit - Two Of A Kind - Remember When


Had a request to post this song, - "Next Exit" (K-9035) is a song by Split Enz. It was written by Tim Finn and released as a non-album single in Australia in March 1983 on Mushroom Records. An earlier version of "Next Exit", together with one of its B-sides "Remember When", was originally recorded as a demo during the Rootin Tootin Luton Tapes sessions in 1978Flac

Post 762 - Robin Jolley - The Fable Years


Robin Jolley started singing with the Melbourne group “Windy & Warm” whilst in his mid teens. Neville Kent discovered him and enticed him to come to Hobart where he got him off the ground as a solo singer. The next step was a record deal, in 1972 he returned to Melbourne in the search for one. Radio DJ Paul Konik introduced him to Brian Cadd  which presented him with a song called “Marshall’s Portable Music Machine” which Brian had co-written with Don Mudie. Cadd and Konik produced the single and it was snapped up by Fable Records. Here for you are all Robin's Fable singles plus a few bonus recordings. Again thanks to Henry DeRooy for great art work. Flac

Thursday 12 January 2023

Post 761 - Rory O'Donoghue - The Collection 1967 - 1981


"The Pogs" were popular on the wealthy North Shore party circuit in Sydney and also played university architecture revues. It was at one of these revues that they met songwriter producer Peter Best who helped score the band a recording deal with Festival Records subsidiary label Leedon Records. They recorded their debut single, "Claret and Tears" b/w "Heidi", in mid-1966. Both sides were composed and produced by Best (as were the A and B sides of all four of the band's singles). None of the band's four singles made the charts however, and in 1967 they were dropped by Leedon. "The Pogs" did make one further curio however - "Aboriginal Referendum Jingle (Vote Yes for Aborigines)" a tune in support of the "Yes" vote for the 1967 Australian referendum, also penned by Best. In 1967, "The Pogs" recruited organist Graeme Thompson and lost bassist Nino Bellantonio. Thompson was then drafted into the Australian Army and was replaced by Bruce Hadden. Drummer Paul Brownlow also left to concentrate on his electrical business and he was replaced by Greg "Max" MacManus. The band also changed their name to "Oak Apple Day" and went into a more psychedelic rock direction, influenced by bands such as The "Doors". "Oak Apple Day"continued performing in university revues, even touring with them professionally, and it was there that Rory O'Donoghue first collaborated with future Aunty Jack Show co-star Grahame Bond.O'Donoghue was also booked as a session singer for a single entitled "Moonshot" (released in July 1969, obviously to coincide with the Apollo 11 moon-landing), which was a crazy, fun, psychedelic workout replete with spacey sound effects and corny control tower instructions ("All systems A-OK!"... "Trajectory A-OK!"). The single was written by the duo Bannerman-Stokes on the RCA label under the name "Oak Apple Day with The Deadly Pair" and it has distinction of being one of the first 45rpm singles in Australia to be issued in stereo."Oak Apple Day" broke up in 1970 and Rory went on to play jazz before joining "The If" who performed The Who’s rock opera "Tommy". He also worked on the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" before once again hooking up with Grahame Bond to play “Thin Arthur” in the hit ABC TV comedy "Aunty Jack". Rory formed the "Cool Bananas" sometime in 1973, original drummer Robbie Dearlove was replaced by Russell Dunlop in time for their first single, "Been And Gone", which was released on the Albert label.  Rory's other musical credits in this period included playing the lead guitar solo on the hit 1974 Kevin Johnson single "Rock 'N' Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life)". In 1980 "Fatty Finn" E.P written by Grahame Bond and Rory O'Donoghue was released, Rory sang 3 of the 5 songs with his Mother Sybil singing on "Mean Woman Blues".On the 15th of December 2017, O'Donoghue's daughter Jessica announced on Facebook that he had died on 13 December. In a follow-up post the next day, she stated that he had been undergoing treatment for depression and mental illness, and had taken his own life in hospital. 

This post is a labour of love a few years ago I talked to Rory about doing this but at that stage I was missing a few songs to complete. Rory & I never met in person but had many conversations on Face Book about his music, the Aunty Jack show and he was always very helpful and nothing was ever to much trouble, he was such a friendly nice guy and I miss our talks very much. So Rory here it is and I hope you like it, R.I.P my friend. Image Marco Del Grande. Art work Henry DeRooy. Flac

Monday 19 December 2022

Post 760 - Split Enz - Merry Christmas From Split Enz To Frenz Of The Enz


Seeing it's that time of year again this is a Split Enz  Christmas Fan Club single from 1983, Contains a mixture of Christmas greetings and well wishes, mostly to an improvised studio jam, as well as Christmas carols and covers of other songs. Date based on a reference to Neil Finn's newborn son, Liam. Recorded by Festival Records for Fan Club Edition, the record was in Green Translucent. Flac

Friday 16 December 2022

Post 759 Joe Dolce - Pizza Singles


Joe Dolce achieved international recognition with his multi-million-selling song, "Shaddap You Face", released worldwide under the name of his one-man show, "Joe Dolce Music Theatre", in 1980–1981. The single reached number one in 15 countries. It has sold more than 450,000 copies in Australia and continues to be the most successful Australian-produced single worldwide, selling an estimated six million copies. When in Ohio, Dolce would sometimes visit his Italian grandparents and extended family—they used the phrases "What's the matter, you?" and "Eh, shaddap", which Dolce adapted and used in the song. He wrote the song about Italians living in Australia. His follow up single, "If You Wanna Be Happy" was released in 1981 and charted in Australia and New Zealand. In December 1981, Dolce released the album "Christmas in Australia", which peaked at number 92. Joe Dolce Music Theatre, was performed in cabarets and pubs with various line-ups, including his longtime partner, Lin Van Hek. Here to download is all the singles as well as a the 12" extended versions of "Pizza Pizza" & "Shaddap You Face". Thanks to Henry DeRooy for more great art work.Flac

Thursday 15 December 2022

Post 758 - John St Peeters - A's & B's All The Singles


John St Peeters was born in Melbourne, in 1956, to Italian-born parents. He grew up in Richmond with a younger sister, Josephine. Early in his career he performed as Johnny Lo Piccolo. From the age of 11 he played piano accordion on TV talent quests, such as Brian and the Juniors. John St Peeters and the Sharells were formed in 1974, as a vocal trio, with two female vocalists, Niki Nicholls and Kim Julin. They toured Australia, North America and South-East Asia before issuing a single, "Take Me if You Want Me" in October on the Astor label. He resumed his solo career in 1976 with a disco-based single, "You Know that You're Sexy", in November of that year. Peeters signed with EMI Records, which issued his next two singles, "Shiny Side Up" and "Love the Way You Move", none reached the top 100. At the King of Pop Awards of 1977 St Peeters won Most Popular New Talent. In the following year his contract was taken up by RCA Records. He released his next single, "Deep Inside of Me",  which peaked at No. 22.His next single, "High Class Woman" '78, reached the top 50.He followed with his debut album, "So Many Ways" produced by Spencer Lee. In 1979 he formed the John St Peeters Band. His second album, "One Night Stand", and its associated singles did not reach the top 40. His 1980 single, "Wonder World"was the theme song for Simon Townsend's Wonder World, a children's variety TV series.Here are all his singles for you to download with art by Henry DeRooy. Flac

Sunday 4 December 2022

Post 757 - Dave And The Derros - The Mushroom Singles


Dave And The Derros was created by lead singer David Jones. Jones was a radio disc jockey based in Newcastle N.S.W and wrote novelty songs for his radio show. David had a large repertoire of radio character voices, one of which was his beloved Dave the Derro. David liked to make parody songs for his radio show. This eventually allowed him to work up an act based on "Dave". He complemented his performances with an ever changing backing band of musos. Some of these various musos also backed John Paul Young. Dave and the Derros also released an album in 1980 called 'Live After Death' which features most of these singles recorded live.  David Jones (vocals),  Trevor Parkinson (guitar),  Kevin Buckingham (guitar),  Bert Moonen (bass) Steve Connellan (drums),  David Baldwin (drums). Thanks again Henry DeRooy for more great art work. Flac

Wednesday 30 November 2022

Post 756 - Edith Bliss - The Singles


Born Eda Bliss in Brisbane and studied at the University of Queensland, she briefly worked as a kindergarten teacher before moving to Sydney in 1979. There she initially worked as manager of an upmarket shoe store in Bondi. In 1979, she reportedly accompanied a friend to provide moral support at a singing audition, and she was asked to also audition. She did, and won a contract with ATV Northern Publishing. Under the supervision of Chris Gilbey she began recording. Later that year she released her debut single, "If It's Love You Want", on the Grundy Organisation "GO" label, which peaked at #24 on the Australian chart. She subsequently released two more singles, "Heart of Stone" (#86 Aus) and "Two Single Beds" (#79 Aus), before releasing the album "Sheer Bliss", in 1980. "If It's Love You Want", released in November 1979, was written by Allan Caswell and Brian Caswell. On the verge of releasing a new single, written by Steve Kilbey of The Church, Bliss opted for a career in television. She was employed as a reporter on the children's series Simon Townsend's Wonder World which began in 1979. Bliss later married Wonder World sound mixer, Mark Tanner; they had four children, Eden, Madison, Harrison and Lawson. In 2006, she appeared (under her married name) as a contestant on the final episode of game show Wheel of Fortune, and won. She also appeared on Where Are They Now? on the Seven Network, for a Wonder World reunion in 2006. She died of lung cancer in 2012. Thanks Henry DeRooy for the art work.Flac

Friday 25 November 2022

Post 755 - Johnny Teen And The Broken Hearts - Discography '88 - '90


Late 80s punk rock band from Sydney, were known as "A sarcastic arrogant band with an ill-tempered lead vocalist" Johnny Teen (real name Robert Gale). Green Fez Records issued the bands first live single a cover of Supernaut's "I Like It Both Ways", from there they moved to Timberyard Records and released a number of singles and EP's. Members later involved with Pearls & Swine, Blind Society & Panacea.Members:- Johnny Teen (vocals), Acid Baloney (guitar), Holiday Inn (guitar), Evil Kenevalknob (drums)Ladel Set (bass). Art work Henry DeRooy.Flac

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Post 754 - The Monitors - The Singles


The Monitors were a band of the early 1980s. They were primarily a studio group which involved a collaboration between Terry McCarthy on vocals and keyboards, and Mark Moffatt on guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. They used various guest vocalists. Their debut single, "Singin' in the '80s", was released in 1980 and reached No. 16 on the Kent Music Report singles chart.The video featured Gayle & Gillian Blakeney lipsyncing the vocals of Kim Durant, the sisters went on to become television hosts on children's television show Wombat and actresses on television soap opera Neighbours. A second single, "Nobody Told Me" June 1981, peaked in the top 40. The Monitors issued a sole album, "Back from Their Recent Illness" in October 1982, for which Ricky Fataar had joined on drums, percussion, guitar and keyboards. The group disbanded in 1982.Thanks Henry for the art work.Flac

Saturday 19 November 2022

Post 753 - Xanadu - The Complete Singles '69 - '80


In 1970, "Xanadu" performed their single"Isabella" on the biggest music show in the nation at that time, Brian Henderson’s "Bandstand." Signed to Polydor Records, this recording by Xanadu was one of the first stereo 45 RPM records released in Australia. The band was accompanied in the studio by a 24 piece orchestra - which even included a sitar. Barrie Morrisson sang the lead, he was just 16 years old. Xanadu arrived in the UK on the invitation of Bee Gee, Maurice Gibb following their epic 7 month stint entertaining U.S. and Aussie troops in war-torn Viet Nam.In Europe the group enjoyed massive success in Germany, Holland and Belgium. Marc Bolan & T.Rex recorded their last hit record "I Love to Boogie" in the Xanadu-owned London studio, Decibel. On Post # 738 you'll find their LP "So Far from home" and more info on the band.  They changed their name from "Xanadu" to "Soho" shortly after the song Xanadu was released by "E.L.O." in 1980. Thanks again Henry DeRooy for some fine art work. Flac

Thursday 17 November 2022

Post 752 - Cattletruck - The Singles A's 'N' B's


Cattletruck began as a self-described "irreverent semi-acoustic punkabilly covers outfit", that would play "anywhere, anytime, invited or not" In early 1985 singer/guitarist Paul Janovskis decided to "get serious" and the group independently produced a single "Never Is", which received public radio airplay. This allowed the band to lead support gigs for A-list Australian and International acts.In 1986, they signed with Regular Records and began work on their debut album, with a series of singles and video clips released. In December 1987, "Ready to Believe" was released, which peaked at number 58 on the Australian Charts.The band ground to a halt amidst bickering, management problems and financial issues in 1988. Henry DeRooy art work flac

Saturday 12 November 2022

Post 751 - Kim Durant - The Singles '79 - '88


Kim Durant was born in Macksville NSW in the late 50s. When Kim was 18 she moved to Sydney with her manager to boost her singing and acting career. Durant then moved to Queensland and became one of Queensland's most awarded female entertainers over a long period of time. She has appeared on two Royal Command Performances and has also appeared on every major television show throughout Australia. Signed to the Infinity label she released her first single ''Givin' Up On Love'' in 1979, penned by Sherbet's Garth Porter & Tony Mitchell. This was followed by a number of singles and an album 'Take Your Time With Me'. Durant provided the backing vocals for The Monitors on their biggest single, "Singin' In The '80s" which was released in 1980 and reached #16 on the Australian singles charts. Her Awards range from Queensland's Entertainer Of The Year and Queensland's Recording Artist of The Year. Thanks again for some great art work from Henry DeRooy.  Flac

Friday 11 November 2022

Post 750 - July 14th - Me And My Gun - We Kiss


 July 14th was put together by Terry Bradford, and the core members were Terry, Rod Ling and Robyn Habel with Tom Cowsill, Andrew Mills, Roy Ezinger and Brett Spilsbury joining at different stages. The name July 14 is made up from the birth date of three of the band members. The group's first single released in 1984 "Me and My Gun" (GPR 110) on Greasy Pop Records did very well nationally and internationally. The group was commissioned to provide the tracks for two documentaries, the first for the ABC titled Searching for Women's History a three part documentary which was broadcast on national television. The second project was a US documentary on the Zanoni shipwreck off of Port Lincoln.Flac

Thursday 10 November 2022

Post 749 -The Models - The B Sides


Models were formed in Melbourne in August 1978. They went into hiatus in 1988. They are often referred to as "The Models" They re-formed in 2000, 2006 and 2008 to perform reunion concerts, and began regularly performing again from 2010 onwards. "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", their only No. 1 hit, appeared on the Australian singles charts in July 1985. The related album, Out of Mind, Out of Sight, peaked at No. 3 on the Australian albums charts after its release in August. Out of Mind, Out of Sight appeared on the Billboard 200 albums chart, with the single, "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", peaking at No. 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. An earlier song from the same album, "Barbados", had peaked at No. 2 on the Australian singles chart. Models early line-up included Andrew Duffield on keyboards, Mark Ferrie on bass guitar, Janis Freidenfelds (a.k.a. Johnny Crash) on drums and percussion, and Sean Kelly on vocals and lead guitar. A later line-up was mainstay Kelly on guitar, James Freud on vocals and bass, Roger Mason on keyboards, Barton Price on drums, and James Valentine on saxophone. Backing singers in the group included Zan Abeyratne and Kate Ceberano (both from I'm Talking) and Canadian-born Wendy Matthews. In early 1989, Duffield, Kelly, Matthews and Valentine were members of Absent Friends. On 27 October 2010, Models were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame by Matthews.

Here for you to download are all the B Sides from all their singles. 12 of the 17 songs are non album tracks and are pretty good but if you're expecting songs like "Barbados" "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" then you will be dissappointed, But I like these, I think the Models might have been expermenting with new sounds or instruments or maybe just doing something completly different than the A Sides. But what ever they were doing it worked. One B side is a cover of The Tornados 1962 hit "Telstar". The 12" versions of some of their singles have different B sides then the 45 versions and yes that will be another post to come. To complement these tracks more great art work from Henry DeRooy, thanks Henry! Flac

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Post 748 - John Christie - The Complete Singles '74-'77


Johnny Christie born in Bendigo Victoria, he recorded one single for Fable Records in 1972 "Sorrow Is My Name" Like a lot of Aussie Musos he went to the U.K. to try his luck and dropping Johnny to John. Dave Clark (from the Dave Clark Five) discovered John and produced many singles  his first "Everybody But Me" in 1974 for Polydor Records. His second single also from 1974 "4th Of July" was penned by Paul & Linda McCartney. He released 12 singles for Polydor & EMI from '74/'77 as well as one LP. John can also be heard on the soundtrack album of Dave Clark’s musical “Time”. John starred in a lot of West End musicals and singing regularly on cruise ships. There's not a lot about John on the net and is a hard man to pin down but like I always say maybe someone out there might inform us with more about this great singer. Here are all the A & B  sides of those singles with some great art work from Henry DeRooy. Flac

Sunday 7 August 2022

Post 747 - Windy And Warm - It Hurts Me So - Bread


Melbourne band "Windy And Warm" named after a Chet Atkins instrumental featuring the vocals of a teenage Robin Jolley. They played pop covers and recorded one single for Astor Records in July 1969 a cover of a Spencer Davis song "It Hurts Me So" b/w "Bread" (A-7141), the single was produced by Max Berrenger. Members were:- Robin Jolley (vocals 1967-) John Beshara (guitar), Geoff Maxwell (drums), Roger Sharp (vocals 1965/67), Ian Stewart (guitar) and Ian Williams.  (bass). flac

Friday 8 July 2022

Post 746 - Paul Gaffey - The Band Plays Oom Pah Pah - Barley Rye

 Paul Gaffey is an Australian singer-songwriter whose past remains shrouded in mystery. All that is known about Gaffey are his minor Aussie Top 40 hit "And the Band Played Oom Pah Pah " b/w "Barley Rye" (K 5567) and his ambitious prog rock album about the demon "Mephistopheles". The basic story is about a woman reminiscing about the days she spent with her love at the local ballroom before he went to war in 1944. The single A & B side was produced and written by Simon Heath in 1974 for Festival Records. FLAC

Post 745 - Dragon - The Vertigo Singles


Dragon formed in Auckland in January 1972 with a line-up that featured Todd Hunter on bass guitar, guitarist Ray Goodwin, drummer Neil Reynolds and singer/pianist Graeme Collins. All had been in various short-lived bands in Auckland, Collins is credited with using I Ching to provide the name Dragon. Their first major gig was an appearance at the Great Ngaruawahia Music Festival in early January 1973. By 1974 several personnel changes had occurred, with Todd Hunter's younger brother, Marc Hunter, joining on vocals and Neil Storey on drums. The band recorded two progressive rock albums in Auckland, "Universal Radio" in June 1974 and "Scented Gardens for the Blind" in February 1975 both on Vertigo Records. Despite being one of Auckland's top live attractions by late 1974, neither albums nor related singles had any local chart success, and they recruited Robert Taylor (ex-Mammal) on guitar as they searched for a raunchier pop sound. By early 1975, manager Graeme Nesbitt (ex-Mammal), who had obtained regular gigs and organised their first New Zealand tours, felt they should tackle the larger Australian market. Nesbitt was unable to travel with them to Australia as he had been arrested for selling drugs.The three Vertigo singles are now very sorted after by collectors and sell for big bucks, here for you to download are those singles "Vermillion Cellars" b/w "Rock 'N' Roll Ponsonby" (6036 908) "Education" b/w "Swell Foot Sue" (6036 909) "Star Kissed" b/w "Crystal Dove" (6036 910). All singles were released in 1975. FLAC

Post 744 - Feather - Girl Trouble - Sweet Melinda


The nucleus of Sydney band Feather came together in early 1976 under the name Blackfeather, and lead singer Neale Johns had fronted various incarnations of Blackfeather since 1970. The 1976 Blackfeather line-up was more pop-oriented and featured Johns, Ray Vanderby (keyboards), Lee Brossman and Warwick Fraser, plus Warwick’s 14-year-old brother, Stuart. In November 1976, Johns left to travel to the UK and Vanderby followed him out of the band. The remaining members recruited singer John Swan and guitarist Wayne Smith to become Feather. 

The bands first break came that same month when it supported  Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow on an Australian tour. Feather then settled into the local pub rock circuit and issued the single "Girl Trouble" in May 1977 for CBS. The band also recorded an album at that time called "Going Through Changes" which has never surfaced. In April 1978, on the eve of the band’s support spot on TMG‘s three-month ‘Disturbing The Peace’ tour, John Swan left the group. 19-year-old Gary Conlan stepped in as Swan’s replacement. The band contributed two tracks to an Alberts compilation album, "Canned Rock", recorded live at Parramatta jail.  FLAC

Post 743 - Cheek - Collection


The mainstays of the Aussie band (Lee Emmett, Felix Maslin and Bud Mangion) first joined forces in 1974 as Jasper. Emmett, Maslin and Mangion formed Punkz with the addition of Robin Jackson (who had been the original lead vocalist with Hush and had played in a schoolboy band in the UK with Peter Frampton) and Randy Hall, who was quickly replaced by Ray Goodwin from the John Paul Young Allstars. Punkz came to the attention of Ol’ 55 manager and rock brain Glenn A Baker, who helped shape the bands 1960’s pop image. Mushroom Records issued the singles Anyway You Want It '76 and Take Me For What I’m Worth '77, neither of which were very successful despite the fact that they were near note-perfect versions of the 60’s originals. Ray Goodwin left soon after and the band changed its name to Cheek to avoid any punk rock connotations. A cover of the Mighty Avengers’ "So Much In Love", backed with The Easybeats‘ "Do You Have A Soul?" was Cheek’s debut single for Mushroom in January 1978. The band then began recording an album, with the addition of Troy Richards on keyboards and guitar.The album was never released, and the final single, "Leave My Heart Alone", was also unsuccessful and the band broke up in August 1978. An EP on Greg Shaw’s Bomp! label appeared in the US. Felix Maslin died as a result of an asthma attack in 1988. Here for you to download are the two singles and E.P. FLAC

Post 742 - Barry Crocker - Neighbours - Neighbours (Instrumental)


The Neighbours theme song is the theme tune to the Australian soap opera Neighbours. It was composed by Tony Hatch with the lyrics written by his then wife, Jackie Trent, It was once voted the world's most recognised television theme song. Neighbours was originally recorded by Barry Crocker. After Trent and Hatch relocated to Australia in the 1980s, they were asked to write the theme song for Neighbours. The soap opera was going to be called Ramsay Street, before the couple penned the song. Trent told Jessie Stoelwinder from The West Australian, "We wrote the song as Neighbours because we said Ramsay Street was too close to Coronation Street, which was the major soap in Britain." The theme was written and recorded in a day and Trent said "We called in Barry Crocker at about 10pm to put his voice on it and it was on the producer's desk by 10am the following morning. And they loved it, so the series was then called Neighbours." Since 1985, there have been nine different renditions of the theme broadcast on television. They were sung by the following artists:

1 Barry Crocker 18 March 1985 – 6 July 1989 

2 Barry Crocker7 July 1989 – 15 May 1992

3 Greg Hind 18 May 1992 – 27 November 1998

4 Paul Norton and Wendy Stapleton 18 January 1999 – 14 December 2001

5 Janine Maunder 21 January 2002 – 20 July 2007

6 Sandra de Jong 23 July 2007 – 12 April 2013

7 Stephanie Angelini and Daniel Boys 15 April 2013 – 5 December 2014

8 Garth Ploog 5 January 2015 – 24 March 2020

9 Bonnie Anderson 25 March 2020 – present.


Post 741- Scattered Aces - C'Mon Everybody - Waltzing Matilda


In August 1983 Peter Wells formed Scattered Aces with Paul De Marco aka Fred Zepplin on drums, Ronnie Peel on bass guitar and lead vocals  and former Buffalo bandmate, Chris Turner, on guitar and vocals. The group issued a six-track extended play, 'Six Pack', on Big Rock Records in April 1984. They followed with a cover version of Eddie Cochran's 1958 song, "C'mon Everybody" b/w "Waltzing Matilda" (BRS-003), as a single but they had broken up by mid-1984. Peter Wells died of prostate cancer in 2006. Ronnie Peel died in 2020. Members were Peter Wells (guitar), Chris Turner (guitar), Ronnie Peel (vocals/bass), Fred Zepplin (drums). FLAC

Post 740 - Sharon O'Neill & Doug Parkinson - Water For The Flowers - Jeremiah's Peabody


In 1989, ABC Records put together a series of albums aimed at kids. One of these albums, called "Album 9" contained a new song written and sung by Sharon O'Neill. The song was called "Water For The Flowers" The rest of the album was made up of other artists, including Normie Rowe and Doug Parkinson. A single was released from the album, with Sharon only having one side of the single, with "Water For The Flowers" (876 188-7), and the other side was also from the album, Doug Parkinson's "Jeremiah Peabody". Their was also a CD version of the album released by the ABC as part of a series of songs for children. The CD was called "More ABC For Kids".FLAC

Post 739 - Bruce O'Hara/Charley Boyter E.P.


Charley Boyter has been entertaining audiences for almost 45 years. Originally from Windsor NSW Australia, Charley was removed from his Aboriginal family as a youngster along with his brother and three sisters and spent the rest of his childhood growing up in a foster home in Sydney. Charley began playing around with a guitar at the age of fifteen, jamming along with other pickers at a Church of Christ camp at Lake Illawarra. As Charley’s guitar playing improved he started performing for church groups playing and singing traditional Country and Bluegrass Gospel music. Charley started performing with a good friend, Bruce O'hara and soon after, this combo became known as Country Sound.It was during this time that Slim Dusty saw and heard Charley’s guitar playing and offered him a job with his show. Charley joined Slim’s Travellin’ Country Band in 1975 and has toured most of Australia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Charley has recorded on so many of Slim’s albums, Slim once remarked “Charley has played on more of my albums than any other guitarist”.The partnership with the Slim Dusty Show lasted for about 20 years.Charley is a multi-award winning artist and his unique acoustic guitar sound can be heard on some Aussie Classics such as Walk a Country Mile, Country Revival, Duncan and Leave him in the Longyard.Bruce O'hara who I can find very little about, recorded a live E.P in 1971 Called "Creamsleeves" "The Moter Cycle Song" b/w two of Charley's songs "The Sunset Is Red This Evening" "Don't Let Them Tear That Little Brown Building Down" (TEP-719) for Troubadour Records. Thanks to Tim for sending me this rare one for the Blog.FLAC

Saturday 30 April 2022

Post 738 - Xanadu - So Far From Home

 Xanadu was formed in the Queensland town of Bundaberg. The band was made up of three siblings, Claire, Don and Barrie Morrison, from Moore Park Beach, Wayne Anderson, also from North Gooburrum, and Chris Button, whose parents lived in Bundaberg. In 1967 after performing at the Federal Hotel in Bundaberg, as well as around the Bundaberg district for a number of years, the group left on a tour of Australia's eastern seaboard. "They finally ended up in Sydney where they quickly made a name for themselves, appearing on many Sydney TV stations as well as a spot on Brian Henderson's Bandstand, where the group performed their second single "Isabella". Which was released by Polydor records. In May 1971 the band signed on for a seven-month tour of Allied bases in Vietnam.  Their bass player, Barrie Morrison, was just 16, while the oldest member of the group, Wayne Anderson, had his 21st birthday in Vietnam. After Vietnam, Xanadu travelled to Thailand where they soon had a massive following, and even enjoyed their own television show on Bangkok TV3. "While in Thailand the group were asked by Bee Gee Maurice Gibb to go to the UK.  In Europe the group enjoyed massive success in Germany, Holland and Belgium. For the next decade Xanadu toured, recorded or rubbed shoulders with many of the greats of that era - The Bee Gees, The Sex Pistols, Marc Bolan - who recorded his last hit record ''I Love to Boogie'' in the Xanadu-owned London studio "Decibel". Chris Button Guitarist and vocalist was killed in a beach buggy accident in the late 1970s. By 1982 the band had gone their separate ways and all had returned to Australia. In 2003 Group members were awarded the Vietnam Logistical and Support Medal by the Australian Government for their valued work in Vietnam. Drummer Don Morrison died in 2019. Here to download is their LP from 1977 "So Far From Home" (28934 OT) released on Jupiter Records. Thanks to "History Of Australian Music From 1960 until 2010" Blog for the notes. Thanks to Henry with his help with the art work.  Flac 

Saturday 29 January 2022

Post 737 - Popgun Men - Behind Dark Glasses - Modern Man

 Including members of X-Ray-Z and Secret Police Pop Gun Men issued one single For EMI Custum Records in Feb. 1980. "Behind Dark Glasses" b/w "Moden Man" (PRS 2749). By mid 1980 Pop Gun Men had went back to being X-Ray-Z who played the Melbourne Punk scene until early 1982. Before splitting X-Ray-Z recorded some demos and live tracks which Polyster Records turned into a compilation album in 1988. The line up included Peter Rich & Mauri Bund - (vocals, synthesizer,guitars), Andrew Picoleau - (Bass,vocals), Dis Naylor - (Guitar), Errol Senol - (Drums). Rich & Bund real names are Peter & Martin Doley and Senol's real name is Errol Selimi all three members of X-Ray-Z. Flac