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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Post 520 - John Vincent - The Ballad Of John Grey Gorton - Those Prowling Pets

John Vincent was a South Australian DJ who put out many ocker novelty records, both under his own name and as the 'Ken Oath Ockerstra. This single recorded for Nationwide Records in 1971, a “Big Bad John” take off about Australian P.M. John Gorton. Both sides were penned by Norman Hodge. Here to download is “The Ballad Of John Grey Gorton” b/w “Those Prowling Pets” (NSP-053). Vincent commenced his radio career as an announcer with radio 2RE Taree NSW in 1963 then working with many Stations including; 2NX Newcastle, 7HO Hobart, 6PR Perth, 5AD Adelaide, 5KA Adelaide, SA-FM Adelaide, 4TO Townsville, 5MU Murray Bridge, Triple M Adelaide and 2GB Sydney.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Post 519 - Silver Studs - Happy Days LP

Lance Reynolds formed Australian Rock 'n ' Roll revival act Silver Studs in Brisbane during 1975. The trio's act included singing, dancing and comedy. They signed to the Philips label and issued the single My Teenage Dream. They scored their biggest hit single with a rendition of “Happy Days”, the theme song to the US TV comedy of the same name. The single reached number four in June 1976 and was followed by their second hit, “Dance With A Dolly”, which made number 11 in September. The trio's debut album “Happy Days” (6357042) sold 50,000 copies for Philips Records. At the start of 1977, Stevens left to replace Frankie J Holden in Ol'55, where he performed under the pseudonym Mike Raffone. The LP here for you to download was produced by Rod Thomas with the help of William Motzing and Michael Vidale in 1976. 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Post 518 - Helvelln - Helvelln LP

Helvelln were a three piece band from Melbourne formed in 1989. The members were Jeremy Gronow (guitar, vocals), Nick Green (drums) and Andrew Papdopoulos (bass). The album here was recorded and mixed in four days at Sing Sing Studios, Richmond and Melbourne in January 1991 and was produced by Mark Woods. In 1991 Hevelln won the National Campus band competition (at the time the biggest competition of its kind in the Southern hemisphere), toured Australia and released their self-titled album “Helvelln” (D24004) on Mushroom Records. 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Post 517 - Trevor Wilson - Sweat On The Change - Calling Home

Born in New Zealand Trevor Wilson has been in a few bands over the years like The Mergers ’64, La De Das ’65-’70, Manna ’72, Home ’72-’73, Rhythm ‘N Blues ’74 and spent a month with Company Caine. In 1971 he released this single for Warner Bros. Records “Sweat On The Change” b/w “Calling Home” (WBA-4005) it was produced by G.Wayne Thomas. Now if you believe the label “Sweat On The Change” is the A side but according to the “Who’s Who Of Australian Rock” 5th edition “Calling Home” was the A. Either way both good songs in my books. Trevor penned both sides and in 1994 released an album called “One Sunny Nite”.  

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Post 516 - Mother Goose - Baked Beans (unreleased Version)

Marcel Rodeka drummer for Mother Goose told a friend of mine that this was an early version of “Baked Beans” recorded at EMI but never released. I wish I had this when we put together the Mother Goose singles collection would have been a nice bonus track. I like this version see what you think.

Post 515 - SCRA – It’s A Game - Love is a Lonely Day

SCRA (Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly) was made up of 11 members who came from the UK, Oz and NZ. The band also incorporated various styles of rock and pop. They could rock with big band tracks similar to Blood, Sweat & Tears and then take it down a notch to quiet love songs. Based in Sydney, they were popular on the local club scene. Their first album combined a big band sound with some progressive leanings and a few pop moments. The album spawned three singles; “C.C. Rider”, “Roly Poly” and “Sydney Born Man” on M7 Records. The second LP “The Ship Album” was more in a bluesy progressive jazz-rock vein.  It was mixed at The Hit Factory in New York during a U.S. tour. Their brand of 'big band' jazz-rock went down well in the States. This included the ten-minute, ambitious "Something Like The Feeling". The album inevitably got a U.S. release, though in a single sleeve, not the gatefold version which graced the Australian public. They released one further single here for you to download “It's A Game’ b/w “Love Is A Lonely Day” (10012) the A side was a non LP track. SCRA Band Members were: Mickey Leyton, Sheryl Black, Ian Saxon - vocals: Peter Martin, Jim Kelly - guitars; Dave Ellis - bass; Russell Dunlop - drums; Ian Bloxsom – percussion Mick Kenny - trumpet; Don Wright - saxophone & flute; Greg Foster - trombone & harmonica. I recently sent a copy of the two LP's to Sheryl Black this is what she wrote back to me…..Hi Gary......wanting to thank you for the surprise this morning when the cd's arrived...this all happened 42 years ago .I call those years my other was interesting hearing a young voice as well as the songs...all came back. Sadly Mick Kenney and Russell Dunlop are no longer with us....I recently did a couple of gigs with Jim Kelly as he lives up here too...he has his own recording studio now and is in demand....I had only done a handful of gigs over 20 years as I changed direction for a good I'm doing a little and so far it's been fun......thanks again for you kindness I enjoyed listening again.....Sheryl......

If you want a listen to these great LP’s head over to  And thanks to Hugh for this single. 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Post 514 - Silver Studs - Singles Collection

Lance Reynolds formed Australian Rock 'n' Roll revival act Silver Studs in Brisbane during 1975. International blues recording artist Will Scarlet was an original member of the Silver Studs and in fact wrote their first single My Teenage Queen. Will was with the Studs from its earliest conception right up to, the and just before, the recording of Happy Days. Will was an integral part of the success of the Silver Studs and should not be forgotten for his contribution in paving the way for them. The trio's act included singing, dancing and comedy. They signed to the Philips label and issued the single My Teenage Dream. In February 1976 they supported UK visitors The Hollies on their national tour. A month later, Keith Reed left to be replaced, initially by Vivien Grayson and then Paul Stevens. Silver Studs scored their biggest hit single with a rendition of Happy Days, the theme song to the US TV comedy of the same name. The single reached number four in June 1976 and was followed by their second hit, Dance With A Dolly, which made number 11 in September. The trio's debut album (also called Happy Days) sold 50,000 copies. At the start of 1977, Stevens left to replace Frankie J Holden in Ol' 55, where he performed under the pseudonym Mike Raffone, Reynolds and Latorre continued as a duo, renaming themselves simply The Studs (and recruiting a new backing band). The debut single from The Studs was Funky Feet which reached Number 13 in October 1977. The duo completed an album which did not see the light of day until November 1978 and followed two more singles, Today I Met The Girl I'm Gonna Marry and Dr Bop. Here to download is their entire seven singles for Philips and Wizard Records including the B sides. Five of these were non LP tracks. 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Post 513 - Dave Mills - Let The Heartaches Begin - I Love You More

Dave Mills, now retired, lives in Perth Western Australia. He spent 4 weeks at #1 on the Springbok Chart in April 1970 with “Love is a Beautiful Song”. It was also one of the top selling singles in Australia in 1971. Dave Mills also won the SARIE for "Best Male Vocalist" that year. He was a top performer in the Sydney club circuit for many years.  Here to download is a single from 1977 recorded for ATA Records “Let The Heartaches Begin” b/w “I Love You More” (K 6887). The single was produced by Keith Jacobsen and engineered by Duncan McGuire. Dave penned the B Side. He did release a LP and a few singles for Alberts, but I wasn’t aware  that he recorded for ATA so I’m not sure if this is the only single for them or not.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Post 512 - Dawn Dixon – Hand By Hand (Side By Side) – Don’t Look Away

I have been after this single for some time now, seen it a couple of times on EBay and both times it went for over $80 so when I saw it the other day for a “Buy Now” for $10 I jump on it right away. You don’t see many records you’ve been after for years for a buy it now.  You’ll find Dawns’ first single "Bouzouki” at post # 80. I must say I didn’t even know that Dawn released a 2nd single until I was asked about it a few years back and there is nothing at all in any of my books about her first single or this one. I think it’s a pity because the first time I heard “Bouzouki” I thought she had a sensational voice and a bigger pity she only release the two singles. I did contact Dawns’ son Michael and he asked her about this single and this is what he told him…… “Apparently Ron Tudor owner and producer of fable records requested mum release another song! He chose that number “Hand By Hand” recorded in 1973. It didn't get the promotion it deserved at the time. Unfortunately that’s all I have, that was the last song mum recorded! She continued to do the club circuit and cruise liners around the pacific! Continued singing on television until around 94 then worked with a 5 piece jazz band until 4 years ago. These days at 74 mum still sings once a month or so”
Here to download is that single “Hand By Hand (Side By Side)” b/w” Don’t Look Away” (FB-097). The single was produced by Geoff Hales. A big thanks to Dawn and Michael for the info on this single, I really appreciate your help. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Post 511 - Rock And Roll Show - Lover, Please - At The Hop

During the many years that the Rock 'N Roll Show were an entertainment force in WA, they filled many venues and had a number of line-up changes. Their last reunion on the 17th April, 1993 was their 21st Anniversary. The Band drew big crowds wherever they appeared at Places like the Boomerang Hotel, Morley Park Hotel, Scarborough Hotel, Maylands Hotel, Ashfield Tavern, Walkabout Hotels in the North West, Goldfields and an extended tour of the Eastern States. Ron Leask, Founder of the Band, had been performing in the Band since it started way back then. Ron owned the Montmartre Night Club at one stage in William St Northbridge. He was also a promoter importing a number of national and international acts into WA. A highlight performance of the Rock 'N Roll Show was backing and performing with Chuck Berry live on stage at the Entertainment Centre on the 16th Sept.1976. The Rock 'N Roll Show cut a number of vinyl 45 singles including " Lover, Please " b/w “At The Hop” (K-5581)released on Sunshine Records and "The King of Jive" with "Hey Rock 'N Roll" released by Martin Clark's Clarion records. Radio 6PM and 6IX had the singles on their play-list. The seven piece Group did a national tour to promote their singles after winning over many fans with their "Showmanship" and "Musicianship" in WA. The band members were Peter White (Keyboards) Chris Conlon (Drums) Graham Herbert (Sax, Flute, Drums) Greg Clarke (Sax, Trumpet) Ron Leask (Lead Guitar, Sax) Gerry Smith (Bass) and Marty Warren (Lead Vocal)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Post 510 - X-Ray-Z – Poor Image - Sledgehammer Hit - Citizen John

Formed in 1977 X-Ray-Z are recognised as one of Australian’s first new wave bands. The band had their roots in Adelaide band Rufus, which moved to Melbourne in early ’77. They renamed themselves X-Ray-Z and set out to make a name in the Melbourne pub scene. They supported Lou Reed in October of that year on his Aussie tour and then signed to Mushroom Records for a one off single “Poor Image” b/w “Sledgehammer Hit” – “Citizen John” (K-6951). The band members made up some picture sleeves for the single which they distributed to record shops themselves. In 1978 they signed up with Suicide Records for 3 tracks that they contributed to a Melbourne punk compilation “Lethal Weapons”. Before splitting X-Ray-Z recorded studio demos and live recordings which the Polyester label combined the 3 tracks from the single for the compilation X-Ray-Z.  Thanks to Hugh for giving me a copy of this single for the Blog a rare one indeed.  

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Post 509 - Fielding & Dyer – The Whale – Bay Street Coventry

Terry Fielding and Fred Dyer met at a practice session for a group that included Fred and his brother Frank. They formed a friendship and started work at the same firm in the NSW city of Wollongong. They shared a mutual interest in song writing and with suggestions from Donnie Sutherland they contacted Essex Music with whom they signed a record contract. They performed in and around clubs in Sydney and in 1972 they co-wrote and released “The Whale” b/w “Bay Street Coventry” (EK-4574) for Spin Records. The single was produced by Gus McNeil. Thanks to Hugh for getting this record to me for the Blog. I’ve had many requests for this one. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Post 508 - Badge – Rock City – Rock ‘N’ Roll Hero

Not to be confused with the heavy metal band Badge from Perth, these guys were a Sydney band formed in 1984. This is the only single they recorded for Powdwerworks Records in 1984. Members were Vella, Trogg and Jackowski according to by book no first names given. The thing that caught my eye was it was produced by Jeff St. John so I asked Jeff could he put a bit more light on the band and this is what he told me….”Hi Garry, I have a vague recollection. They were just a bunch of kids with a couple of siblings in the band”.  This is a great little rock song here for you to download “Rock City” b/w “Rock ‘N’ Roll Hero (POW-0181). 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Post 507 - Factory – Live Until You Die - Shaggy Dog

Another one of those bands with not much info this is the only single they released in 1972 for Spin Records, a cover of an Emitt Rhodes recording. At first I thought this was a Perth band but thanks to some later info from George turns out they were a Sydney band. Chris Woodman from Perth took the band’s name with him to Sydney a few years later and formed this new band.  The single was produced by Gus McNeil. Here to download is Factory and their single “Live Until You Die” b/w “Shaggy Dog” (ek-4657). 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Post 506 - Topaz - Can't Break The Habit - Far Away

Ron Gaydon has performed in many bands over many years, including Topaz and Beat Street. Ron has had a recording and writing contract with Festival Records. He cites some of his career highlights as an appearance on Countdown, and working with bands like 'Split Enz' and 'The Richard Clapton Band'. Here to download is the only single Ron and Topaz ever released for Infinity Records in 1979, it’s a Russ Ballard song “Can’t Break the Habit” b/w “Far Away” (K7299) penned by Ron. I can’t find out any other members names or where the band came from.

Post 505 - Greg Christensen – Singles Collection

Greg Christensen lead singer of New Zealand band Creation went on to record three solo singles between 1977 and 1980. The first two were on the Vertigo label and were "Marie" b/w "The Good Guys and The Bad Guys" (6036 918) in 1977 and "Smiley" b/w "Windy City" (6036923) in 1978. In 1980 his last single was on EMI and called "Baby I Like It" b/w "If You See My Baby" (EMI-277). It was also released in Australia and if I’d heard this one on the radio and didn’t know who was singing it I would have said it was U.K band Racey, what do you think? 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Post 504 - Rabbit - Let Me – Kiss Me Goodnight

It’s taken a bit of time but I finally tracked down the last single recorded by Rabbit. “Let Me” b/w “Kiss Me Goodnight” (BA  222311) recorded for CBS Records in 1977, both sides  were non LP tracks. The A side was a cover of Paul Revere and the Raiders 1969 release written by Mark Lindsay with the B side penned by Dave Evans and a H.Hinds, couldn’t find out who that was because the only Hinds in Rabbit was Dave Hinds. So when you can’t find out the info what to you do, go to the man himself, so I asked Dave Evans about the single and this is what he told me…….”Hi Garry,  That was the only single recorded with the final line-up after Mark Tinson and Phil Screen had left and Phil was replaced by Barry Litten. We split shortly after like most of the top Aussie bands when disco took over and half the venues put in DJ's and we couldn't afford to tour when half our income dried up. Yes David Hinds is the co-writer of Kiss Me Goodnight”. Thanks Dave for your help much appreciated. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Post 503 The Fable Brass - Twelfth Street Rag – Black And Blue

Yet another one of those recordings where there’s no info, I would guess like The Fable Singers most likely made up of session musicians. All I can find out that it was produced by Doug Trevor who was the guitarist with the Cherokees, he also has produced records for the likes of Robin Jolley, Denise Morrison, Cash Backman, The Marksmen and as well as writing the B side to this single also penned the single for Somebody’s Image “Hide & Seek”. Here to download is the single from The Fable Brass “Twelfth Street Rag” b/w “Black And Blue” (FB-250) for Fable Records in 1975. The Engineer was Ian McKenzie and it was recorded at Armstrong Studios Melbourne. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Post 502 - Cowboy & The Giants - Power Blues EP

Back in the late 90’s when I worked in radio in Orange NSW I was given a EP to play on my Australian show I did every week. It took my eye as the band did a cover of one of my favourite songs, Matt Taylor’s “I Remember When I Was Young”. The other day while going through some boxes of records I came across the EP and thought I should put it up on the Blog for all to hear as it is a great recording. The lead singer’s name is Brian Cain and there was a guy on my Face Book friends of the same name so I contacted him asking him was he the same guy by any chance, and this is what he wrote back to me....….Hi Garry, thanks for your message and indeed I am the one whom perpetuated the EP you refer to. I see you come from Orange and the EP has local history. It was recorded in Adelaide at Soundtrack Australia and the cover was done by a printer in Orange. I can't remember the printers name or location. The year was 1987 and I was the manager of Browns Creek Gold Mine near Blayney, during the course of recording and pressing the disc the mining company I worked with transferred me from Kalgoorlie in WA to Browns Creek when BHP bought the mine from Hickey. Thus the record was pressed in Sydney and the cover I arranged to have done in Orange, the printer even placed the discs in the sleeve, they were very helpful. I still have a few of the discs left in one remaining box probably around 100 or so, I can’t remember how many discs were pressed but it’s pretty rare. The disc was transferred to digital about six years ago when I had a recording studio in the Hunter Valley in which I recorded two albums both mixed and mastered in Germany. The bands I had in the 80s were finally made up of the members of Adelaide band Mickey Finn, my work often took me away they were hard times. You will notice the words sung on the track I remember when I was young are actually incorrect, due to learning the words from an old tape with the members of band Terra Firma put together in 1981 when I left The Others. We wrote down the words best we could make out with a cross section of the early band members unrelated to the ones recorded on the EP, they turned out to be wrong. Long-time friend Phil Manning asked later about the words but when I told him he wasn't surprised as the recording was difficult to make out precise elocution. We were always broke even though I worked two or three jobs in Adelaide and often went bush to mines to make money. When I had the money to record the EP x later members of my bands in Adelaide had a band called 'The Giants' nothing to do with the Melbourne band of the same name.  I negotiated with them, Stan Korytni, Mauri Berg and John Freeman all x Mickey Finn. I flew to Adelaide from Orange met the members at the studio and without rehearsal the EP was recorded. The final mix went to Festival Records in Sydney and the records were put into the sleeves in Orange. When I had earned enough money to make a film clip I contacted the band and they had split up, the project was lost. I continued on in the mining industry but still played and did not record again until 2006 with east coast band Indiana Phoenix when I had my own studio in the Hunter. I currently play local at the Irish pub in Bathurst and Orange with Sydney band Finn when they appear here.  If I knew a good guitar player locally I would probably play more often. …

Thanks Brian for your help, very much appreciated. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Post 501 - Jenny Morris - Body And Soul EP

Jenny Morris was born in New Zealand where she entered the music business and where she began performing in the all-girl group The Wide Mouthed Frogs. This was followed in 1980 by the band The Crocodiles, with whom she scored a Top 20 hit in New Zealand with ‘Tears’. In February 1981 The Crocodiles moved to Sydney, only to disband in July. Morris began her solo career by singing the title track for the film Puberty Blues, which was a local box-office success in 1981. In 1983, Morris formed QED with Rex Goh (ex-Air Supply). The duo’s debut single, ‘Everywhere I Go’, peaked at #19 on the Australian charts in early 1984. Morris’s next single proved to be her solo breakthrough: ‘You’re Going To Get Hurt’ hit #24 in August 1986, finally establishing her as a serious singer/songwriter. In July 1987, Morris released her first solo album, Body and Soul, produced by Mark Moffatt and Ricky Fataar. It sold over 70,000 copies in Australia (platinum status), and spawned a number of singles, the biggest of which, ‘You I Know’ (written by Neil Finn), reached #13. She won ARIA’s for Most Popular Female Performer in 1987 and 1988. Here to download is the 12” extended single released  of “Body And Soul” (0.258457) it also features a non LP track of the Beatles “I’ve Just Seen A Face” produced by Mark Moffat for WEA Records in 1987. The other two tracks were produced by Andrew Farriss and Jenny Morris.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Post 500 - Tim Finn - You Saved The World -Les' Fanfare - Coup D'etat

Brian Timothy "Tim" Finn, OBE was born on 25th June 1952. His musical career includes forming 1970s and 1980s New Zealand rock group Split Enz, a number of solo albums, temporary membership in his brother Neil's band Crowded House and his joint efforts with Neil Finn as the Finn Brothers. Born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. He went to Sacred Heart College, Auckland, a Catholic boarding school. In 1971 he started a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Auckland. There he jammed in music practice room 129 (later the name of a Split Enz song) with friends and future Split Enz band members Mike Chunn, Robert Gillies, Philip Judd and Noel Crombie. Music soon became more important to him than his studies; in mid-1972 he quit university. A few months later, Phil and Tim formed group Split Ends (renamed Split Enz, shortly before their first move to Melbourne in 1975). Finn's focus also turned to soundtrack music, and he landed a few acting roles on-screen. Finn has composed for a number of Australian films and TV productions, including 1981 teen tale Puberty Blues and comedy Les Patterson Saves the World, which yielded Australian hit “You Saved the World” b/w “Les’ Fanfare” & Coup D’etat” (7-258352) For WEA Records in 1987 here for you to download. The single was produced by Ricky Fataar  Finn had a small part in Australian film The Coca-Cola Kid alongside then-girlfriend Greta Scacchi, and a larger one in her Italian-shot romance La Donna della Luna (The Moon Woman).

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Post 499 - John Vincent - Owyagoin' LP

 Back in 1967, Adelaide disc-jockey John Vincent would spend Saturday afternoons at the Arkabar Hotel, listening to music of local rock band 'The In-Sect.  Sometimes after a few liquid courage ales, John would talk his way on stage to perform the only song he knew. It was a song he composed called "Owyagoin'?" The lyrics were:
· "Owyagoin'? - Alright
· Crack a coldie - you beaut
· Seeyalater - hooroo"

It was eventually decided that a song of such lyrical complexity should be recorded for prosperity. It also transpired that the In-Sect had one song to go, to finish a recording contract. So why not? Thus commenced the John Vincent musical phenomenon. Here to download is the 1973 LP for RCA Records "Owyagoin' (OMC-178)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Post 498 - Doug Parkinson – Heartbeat To Heartbeat LP

In March 1983 Doug Parkinson released his second solo album “Heartbeat to Heartbeat” (SBP 237862) for CBS Records. The LP was produced by Tommy Emmanuel and Alan Marsfield. It featured some of Australia’s finest musicians such as Billy Green, Broderick Smith, Johnny Dick, Tommy Emmanuel, Vanetta Fields just to name a few. The album featured five singles for CBS. Later in 1983 he took the starring role of Judas in the revived stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar. The production toured Australia for twelve months to great acclaim, before final performances in Hong Kong and Singapore. Thanks to Tony H for the help with this one.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Post 497 - Francis Butler's SIXTY NINERS - Flash - Back Seat Drivin'

In April 1973 Brian Bethell, Peter Knox and Dave Ovendon sacked Francis Butler from the band and, added Tony Burkys on guitar, they renamed themselves as Peter Knox's New Improved 69'ers. Butler responded by forming Francis Butler's Original 69'ers, where he was joined by Ray Ferguson on guitar, vocals, flute and kazoo; Peter Jarman on drums and Terry Stacey on bass guitar. In November John 'Ernie' McInerney replaced Jarman on drums. The two bands had somewhat diversified styles. Both retained an image for crazy and often crude humour; however Butler's version was closer to their original jug-band style with country and rock influences. In 1974 the band issued its last single, "Flash" / "Back Seat Drivin'" (ESP-008) on the independent Earth label. The single was Engineered by Ross Kirkland and both sides penned by Butler. For this single the group were Butler, Ferguson, McInerney and Wharton. After its release they worked regularly around Sydney and rural New South Wales. Later in 1974, McInerney left to join Richard Clapton's backing band, he was replaced by Rob Harris who stayed for a few months to be replaced by Rob Cody. In August 1975 Ferguson, Wharton and Cody all left to form Flash Harry's Iceberg. The latter day line-up of The 69'ers was Butler, Ian Cameron on guitar, Tom Callaghan on drums and Lindsay Osborne on bass guitar. The group finally broke up in February 1976. In 1978 Francis Butler released a solo religious album, “There Is no Escape”, on independent label, Rhema, before travelling to the United States and becoming a religious minister.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Post 496 - Swordfish - Swordfish EP

Sydney band Swordfish released this EP in 1991 on Volition Records. Swordfish  drew their inspiration from such sources as Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and The Beatles.  This EP featured two singles “Wrap” and “Paralytic”. Between 90-94 they recorded three EP’S a mini LP and two albums. Unfortunately they lost their drummer Rob Hodgson in a fatal crash on the way to a gig, he was only 26. I once read, “Rob Hodgson was one of the greatest ever drummers from Sydney, an extremely interesting and smart and lovely guy”. Here to download is their first EP “Swordfish” (VOLTCD42). Members include: James Dixon (vocals and guitar); Pete Marley (bass and vocals); Pete (guitar, synths and organs); and Rob (drums). Members were sometimes credited on releases with only their first names. 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Post 495 - Homer - Ol' Blue Jeans - New York City

Homer - (Terry Britten & Brian Peacock ), Terry Britten’s contribution to the legendary Twilights has been well documented … as was his production / song writing for many Aussie acts. Terry partnered Brian Peacock (ex-Procession ; Joy Band ; Playboys ; Librettos & Western Flyer) in Homer which released this single “Ol’ Blue Jeans’ b/w “New York City (FB-100) in 1971 for Fable Records, recorded in London and produced by David Mackay. Not a lot of other info is available on Homer as I gather they separated leaving Britten to blossom as a songwriter racking up an impressive catalogue of hits for major artists. Britten presently has a home in Richmond, London, and a home recording studio called State of the Ark. 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Post 494 - Railroad Gin - Christmas Bowl Souvenir - Rock Masses For Brotherhood and Vision EP

Apart from a couple of jingles and a demo recording of Ruby Tuesday , this custom recorded EP was apparently the first commercially available recording by Railroad Gin, the legendary  Brisbane band fronted by singer/songwriter Carol Lloyd. Rock masses were happening around Australia during the early 70's (e.g. performed by Perth band Bakery), and Railroad Gin', besides their harder-edged rock material, wrote material to suit such events. One of the highlights of their career was a Rock Mass they performed with the Queensland Youth Orchestra at St. John’s Cathedral in Brisbane in 1973.The rarely-encountered EP features Railroad Gin performing some of this Rock Mass material (without orchestra) and would be a welcome addition to any serious collector. This 1973 independent EP was a give-away on the day of the Mass and is one of Railroad Gin's most highly sought after recordings. Here to download is that EP “Christmas Bowl Souvenir - Rock Masses For Brotherhood and Vision” (AW-33130). Their second single and major hit “A Matter of Time” was released in 1974 on the Polydor label. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Post 493 - Issi Dye – I Wonder – Still Rockin’

This single was Issi Dye’s first single in over 30 years. Recorded in Studio “P” at Surfers Paradise in 1993. Lifted from the album  “Outback Nights” it was produced by Criston Barker for Montor Records. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Post 492 - Graham Roberts - Havin A Barbie - Rock And Roll D.J

4IP radio DJ Graham "Robbo" Roberts recorded this novelty song dedicated to one of Australia's most favourite weekend pastimes the “Barbie”. Both sides of this single was penned by the late John Vincent and produced by Waynie "Poo" Roberts, Geoff Mullins, and Russ Britton for Philips Records in 1975. On the B side Graham is joined by Paul J. Turner And The 4IP Gang. It seems the single only charted in Brisbane.  Chart entry date was 31 Oct 1975 it peaked at 26 for 7 weeks. It didn’t chart in any other capital city. Here to download is that single “Havin A Barbie” b/w “Rock And Roll DJ” (6037 066 2). 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Post 491 - Passage – Old Son Behold – I Know

Another one of those Aussie bands that the books and the Net knows little about. Released in 1974 on Warm & Genuine Records and penned by Falls – Miller other than that there’s no producer or city where it was recorded. One of my books says Sydney? So even it’s not real sure. But whoever these guys were it’s a pretty good song and sound, it was the only release which makes it rare in anyone’s book. Here to download is that single “Old Son Behold” b/w “I Know” (2079 901). Like I have said many times with bands like this maybe someone out there knows something about this single and will enlighten us. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Post 490 - Hits From Pippin EP – Various

This 1974 EP on Atlantic Records features four songs from the stage show “Pippin” from Colleen Hewett, Marcie Jones, Dove and Stuart & McKay. John Farnham and Colleen Hewitt were the stars of this 1973 production of the Stephen Schwartz musical. “Hits From Pippin EP” (EPA 243) is a pretty rare one to find these days so I’m told. Thanks to Peter for this one.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Post 489 - Super Star Dale and the All Stars – Tip Toe through the Tulips LP

Dale Stephenson has been calling the John Laws program for over 25 years and has become a celebrity through his live accapella renditions of a variety of classic songs over this period of time. Dale’s wish has always been to record his own CD and become a "lebrity", and with the help of 2UE's Peter Kukura who produced the album and Rock and Roll legend Col Joye who freely gave up his time, the CD came to fruition. The Dale and Col duet of "Tip Toe through the Tulips" has gained instant "legendary" status. Dales’ wish to also perform with a band has been fulfilled. What an achievement - an intellectually handicapped man having a CD released by a major record company (Sony Music).  The album was titled “Super Star Dale and the All Stars – Tip Toe through the Tulips” (5176932000) released on Sony in 2004. Dale is just delightful to talk with and a real inspiration to millions of John Laws listeners Australia wide. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Post 488 - Andy Foxx - The Singles

After Autumn broke up during an ill-fated trip to the UK in early 1972, splitting within just six weeks of their arrival, Steve McMurray, Glenn Beatson and Allan Magsuball formed Mecca, which moved to Canada and after that group split they joined Canadian band Wireless. Tony Romeril worked in Italy for some time, recording under the pseudonym Andy Foxx. The two singles here were recorded by Tony “Afrikaan Blue” b/w “Thank The Lord For The Night” (CTN-7002) and “Venus” b/w “Let’s Work It Out” (CTN-7011). I couldn’t find out much about these recordings, so what better way but to ask the man himself, this is what Tony told me……
“The tracks were released on Catoca Records, an Italian Record Company owned by the guys who wrote and produced  "Middle of the Road's" records. The big hit was "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep". They sold 18 million records in Europe and Britain in 18 months. "Afrikaan Blue" was recorded in 1972/73. And "Venus” 12-18 months later. When I arrived in England and left Autumn I sold my PA system and recorded demos at Morgan Studio which is where Paul Simon recorded at the time. I was playing the demos to a guy at Robert Stigwoods Company and a guy walked past and stopped and asked who was that singing. Of course I owned up, he said I have a record company in Italy for just that type of voice, can you come to Rome with me tomorrow morning and meet these guys. A whole 3 seconds later I said yes. I ended up staying 12 days and recorded both sides of the single over that time. (They were perfectionists). I was also treated like royalty. I ate in 23 different restaurants in 12 days. It was amazing. (Even worth changing my name to Andy Foxx).”

Tony also told me that he had never heard the finished version of “Venus”. Thanks Tony I really appreciate your help and time with this.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Post 487 - Abigail – Biting My Nails – Stay Awhile

Abigail Rogan (born 23 July 1946, in London) Known simply as Abigail, she became best known to Australians as a sex symbol, starting with the television soap opera Number 96 in the early 1970s. Despite common belief, she did not appear nude in the series. In fact it was fellow actor Vivienne Garrett who played Rose Godulfus from the same series who was the first to appear topless on Australian Television. In 1973, after leaving Number 96, she published her autobiography, Call Me Abigail which sold 150,000 copies in its first two weeks of sale. Also in 1973, Abigail made an attempt at a popular music career and scored a hit with a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime... moi non plus", which reached the top 10 in Australia. Although this debut was a success, follow-up singles, including a comedic release with ventriloquist Chris Kirby, were not. She released 4 singles 3 from her 1973 LP “Abigail” for Festival Records produced by Martin Erdman. The fourth single here for you to download from 1976 on Laser Records, a cover of Genevieve Waite’s single penned by her and husband John Phillips (Mama's and the Papa's). “Biting My Nails” b/w “Stay Awhile” (LS-102846) the B side is also a cover of the Bells 1971 hit and produced by Charles Fisher. Tim Curry also recorded a cover of “Biting My Nails” in 2010. Abigail’s last television appearance was in 2002, when she briefly became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. She claimed to have lost 17 kilograms in seven weeks. She was interviewed on Sydney, Australia radio station 2GB on her 60th birthday in 2006. At that time she was living on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

Post 486 - Doug Parkinson – Willing & Able – Endlessly

In 1985 Doug Parkinson had acting roles in the tele-movies The Body Business, Butterfly Island and Watch the Shadows Dance. He starred in the Kinsellas production Soul man in 1986 which toured nationally and in 1987 co-wrote the score for the surfing film “Wind Warriors” as well as co-writing the theme song “Willing and Able” b/w “Endlessly” (POS 3018) for the 9 network series of the same name. It was released in May 1987 on Possum Records. From what I can see this was the only recording for this label. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Post 485 Mother Goose - Don't Believe In Fairy tales LP

Not much to say about Mother Goose in this post that I haven’t already said in previous posts.  When returning to Australia in 1979, after almost twelve months in the United States they undertook their 'Catch Me If You Can Tour', and recorded the album, “Don't Believe In Fairy tales” (L 37147) for Mushroom. The LP was produced by Ralph Moss and their version of “Paint It Black” is one of the best I've heard in a long time. Folk lore has it that Mick Jagger has said that this is the second best version of ‘Paint It Black’ he has ever heard, so could Mick and I be wrong?  Also a “BIG” thank you to Woodynet with  help in fixing up the art work for this one. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Post 484 Men at work – Down Under (extended mix) – Sail To You (extended mix)

"Down Under" (also known as "Land Down Under") is a Platinum-certified single recorded by Men at Work. In 1980, it was originally released as the B side to their first local single titled "Keypunch Operator". It was released before the band signed with Columbia Records. Both early songs were written by the group’s co-founders, Colin Hay & Ron Strykert. The early version of "Down Under" has a slightly different tempo and arrangement than the later Columbia release. The most well-known version was then released on Columbia in October 1981 as the second single from their debut album Business as Usual (1981). The song went to number one in Australia in December 1981, and then topped the New Zealand charts in February 1982. It was released in North America in mid-1982 and the song topped the Canadian charts in October. In the United States the song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 on 6 November 1982 at No. 79 and reached No. 1 in January 1983.  It eventually sold over two million copies in the US alone. In the UK, the song topped the charts in January and February 1983, and is the only Men at Work song to make the UK top 20.  The song also went No. 1 in Ireland, Denmark and Switzerland, and was a top 10 hit in many other territories. There have been many cover versions of the song such as Yossi and Avi Piamenta’s recorded traditional Jewish wedding lyrics to the tune of the song in the 1980’s.  In 1983, Hong Kong pop singer Alan Tam made a cover of the song. The Cantonese version is called "一於少理" ("Just Don't Care" in English). In 1985, Lithuanian rock band Antis made a cover of the song, which became one of their most well-known hits. It was called "Zombiai" A Finnish cover version titled "Tervetuloa Länteen, Andrej" (Welcome to west, Andrej) of the song was released by Vilperin Perikunta in 1992. Sections of the flute part of the recording of the song were found to be based on the children's song "Kookaburra", written in 1932 by Marion Sinclair. Sinclair died in 1988. On 4 February 2010, Justice Jacobson ruled that Larrikin's copyright had been infringed because "Down Under" reproduced "a substantial part of Kookaburra". Since the verdict, Colin Hay has continued to insist that any plagiarism was wholly unintentional. He says that when the song was originally written in 1978, it did not have the musical passage in question, and that it was not until two years later, during a jam rehearsal session, that flautist Greg Ham improvised the riff, perhaps subconsciously recalling "Kookaburra".  Sadly Greg Ham was found dead in Melbourne on 19 April 2012. In the months before his death, Ham had been despondent over the verdict, and convinced that "the only thing people will remember me for" would be the plagiarism conviction. Here to download is the extended version of “Down Under” (extended mix) b/w “Sail To You” (extended mix) (BA-12229). Both songs were a promo-release in 1986 as a 12” single that came with the “Men At Work ’81-‘85” LP. Many thanks to Henry DeRooy who had this gem tucked away in his laundry cupboard and gave it to me to fix up for this Australia Day 2014. 

Post 483 - Men At Work – Keypunch Operator – Down Under

This was a Self-released single issued in 1980 before they got a recording contract, according to some sources only 300 copies were pressed. The label uses "AA1" and "AA2" rather than the more traditional "A" and "B" usually used on 7" singles. The early version of "Down Under" has a slightly different tempo and arrangement than the later Columbia release. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Post 482 - Shirley – Nothing But The Best – Your Love

Had a request for this 1979 single by Graeme Strachan better known as Shirley lead singer of Skyhooks. Here to download is the last of five solo singles he recorded for Mushroom Records. "Nothing but the Best" b/w “Your Love” (K 765) it didn’t chart in the top 50. The A side was penned by Shirley and Aztec Warren Morgan and produced by Morgan & Graham Owens the B side was produced by Little River Band’s Rick Formosa and Ross Cockle. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Post 481 - Trevor - Crying In The Rain - Party Girl

Trevor Spry, only ever recorded under his first name "Trevor". He was a teenager when he first took an interest in music and by 1970 he achieved his first top 40 hit with "Crying In The Rain" which made it to #27 nationally on the charts. After great sales of his first hit he released "Love Is All Around" in 1971 and it only charted in Melbourne where it made it to #32 and sank without a trace in the rest of Australia.  Here to download is that single “Crying In The Rain” b/w “Party Girl” (TS 106) for Tempo Records in 1970. Trevor worked as a rock journalist and appeared on Melbourne's "Uptight" and "Happening '70" TV shows.