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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Post 86 - Dave Allenby – Let’s Get A Little Sentimental / Bygone Days

London born cockney comedian and recording artist Dave Allenby came to Australia in 1970 after a highly successful career on the UK club circuit. During the 60s, he supported a host of major acts in the UK, including Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Cilla Black, Tommy Cooper, Edward Woodward and Olivia Newton John. He had roles in hit movies, including Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines and Heroes of Telemark and also charted in the UK with "Where Has All the Love Gone" on RCA in 1969. His first break in Australia in 1970 was to tour widely as a support act with legendary group The Beach Boys. Dave's good fortune continued in 1970 with his recording of "She Works in a Woman's way / Midnight Special", backed by Sydney band Autumn, saw plenty of chart action later that year. “She Works in a Woman's way” was the hit, while “Midnight Special” was a great live version, recorded at legendary Sydney club, Chequers. Both tracks on the single were produced by Barrie McAskill from Levi Smith's Clefs. Barrie also had a hand in Dave's follow-up single in 1971 featured here to download “Let's Get A Little Sentimental / Bygone Days” (CHK – 4132). Penned by Mike Leander & Eddie Seago, the B side written by bass player Yuk Harrison (ex The Meating, Max Merritt & The Meteors, Ray Brown & The Whispers, Ray Columbus & The Invaders and Levi Smith’s Clefs). Though failing to repeat the chart success of Dave's first single release in Australia, “Let's Get A Little Sentimental” is a fine version of a song most often associated with UK group, The Montanas. Craig Scott recorded a hit version in New Zealand. Dave was backed by Levi Smith's Clef's band on both tracks. Dave had at least one other single release in 1971 “Sweet Gingerbread Man/Who Wrote That song”, produced by Pat Aulton.  There are suggestions of a further single called Sail Away in the 70s. After that, Dave concentrated on TV appearances including Number 96 (where he played Dr Wilkinson), Homicide, Matlock Police and the Mike Walsh Show. He is still performing occasionally around the clubs in country NSW to this day. And a big thank you to Peter McCray for the help with the notes on Dave much appreciated.



Well here is just another one of those surprises I keep my fingers crossed to find.

Thanks Oz. I hope I can find his last single Sail Away one day.

The quality of this rip is very good 10 out of 10.

Tom Mix

ElaineOlivia said...

Dave and I were Mates back in the 70's, we met at ChequersSydney and I was working at Nicholsons music shop in George Street. I moved to Queensland but we still kept in touch but then I moved back to u.k. but visit regularly. I would love to meet up with Dave next time I'm over, does anyone have a contact for him?


Hi Elaine. We have some details on how you can contact Dave. Please contact us by email:


Ozzie Music Man

Joanne Cassin said...

I am proud to have Dave Allenby as my Grandfather and I am oustounded at his ilustrous career. I love sitting back and hearing all his stories, and achievements. XX