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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Post 303 - Burton & Cunico - Strive, Seek, Find

This LP was voted "The Album Release of the Month" on the U.S FM Radio Report in 1974. We couldn't find a lot of info on this album so we emailed Ray and this is what he had to say......

Hi Garry, thanks for the HUGE compliment mate. I recorded the "Strive
Seek Find" album at Record Plant West in LA with Gino Cunico about
1000 years ago. . . ha ha.
All of the songs on this album were written by yours truly :-)
You may or may not know that Gino and I were previously both members
of "The Executives" from Australia.
Burton & Cunico, being primarily an acoustic duo, were around a long
before "unplugged" etc. was "in vogue".
We toured around the USA in a huge Winnebago Motor Home and played
live at all of the Universities, Colleges and local radio stations on
the West Coast and then a couple of months after that, we did the same
thing all over again on the East Coast of the USA.
If I remember rightly we toured through about 40 or so US states and
Probably drove 25,000+ miles {40,000 K's} through Big Town and Small
Town America. There were no digital cameras then so I took around 6000
slides of the trip. Sheesh, it's all so long ago and very hazy Gaz. My
mind boggles at all the places I have been 'n' seen in this ol' world,
especially the USA, Canada and Mexico. That's where the "Strive Seek
Find" concept comes from my friend. . . and . . . I'm still lookin'
for that perfect song . . . ha ha ha
Ray Burton
Here to download is the LP "Strive, Seek, Find" (PAS 6013) on Family Productions and produced by Artie Ripp and Bob Hughes.

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