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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Post 353 - Uncanny X-Men - Singles Collection

Over the last few months we have been asked for a lot of Uncanny X-Men recordings. On post #14 you will find “Salive One” EP, post #145 you will find the single “Start Believing", post #332 Brian Mannix's solo LP and post #334 you will find their "Beach Party" EP. After a bit of research we found out that there were a lot of B sides as well as a few A sides of singles that never made it onto LP, so we decided to get all the singles here for you to download as a collection of singles from 1st to last. The singles are :
  1. "How Do You Get Your Kicks" b/w "Superhero" (K-9034) Mushroom, (Both non LP tracks)
  2. "Time Goes So Fast" b/w "Up To You" (K-9214) Mushroom, (Both non LP tracks)
  3. "Still Waiting" b/w "Time Goes So Fast" (K-9805) Mushroom, (B side non LP Live track)
  4. "The Party" b/w "The Slug" (K-9579) Mushroom, (B side non LP track)
  5. "50 Years" b/w "Best Looking Guy" (K-9671) Mushroom
  6. "Don't Wake Me" b/w "Truckin' On Into Alice" (BA-3486) CBS (B side non LP track)
  7. "Start Believing" b/w "Sullivans" (650440 7) CBS (B side non LP track)
  8. "I Am" b/w "Treat Me Nice" - "Kill The Children" (BA-3445) CBS (B side non LP track)
  9. "Nothing Touches My World" b/w "Playing The Titanic" (BA-3517) CBS

As you can see there were only two singles that the A & B sides featured on LP, which is what makes their single catalogue rare to collect. Their first single was produced and A side penned by Skyhook's Greg Macainsh which has always been a favourite of mine. As you will hear all the A sides are very Uncanny X-Men while the B's are everything from truckin’, vaudeville, psychedelic to just plain weird and even a bit of Elvis, which to me is a formula for just plain brilliance. Like so many other recordings on this Blog I ask the question "why wasn't this stuff released on CD", but I guess we'll just give ourselves another headache trying to work that one out.
Thanks Woodynet for the covers you've created for this collection. It's much appreciated.


Midoztouch said...

Great set - thanks for rounding them all up!

Midoztouch Internet Radio

Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie I see you finally got them all and thanks to Woody for the art excellent job there mate.

Micko said...

Thanks Ozzie for putting this set together. In an era where every succesful album was bled dry for singles, it's amazing to find so many tracks that didn't appear on one
Woodynet, as always another sterling job with the arwork, Thanks to you too



Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Thanks very much for this impressive collection - we have been looking forward to them! Craig and Linda