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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Post 381 - Rolf Harris – Ringo For President / Head Hunter

We had never heard of this single by Rolf until we found it on EBay and as a Beatle fan we just had to have it. Recorded in 1964 for Columbia Records but till now the song as escaped me and I wonder just how many of Rolf’s singles have never seen the light of CD. Harris sang “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” (with The Beatles singing backing vocals) in the first edition of the From Us to You BBC radio show, in December 1963. Harris completely customized the original lyrics to a version that was specially written for The Beatles. It was after that recording that Harris gave Ringo his first Wobble Board of which Starr now has the largest collection outside Australia. Here to download is the single “Ringo For President” b/w “Head Hunter” (DO-4509).

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BigGray said...

There must be so many Rolf Harris recordings out there that have never been put on LP, much less CD. Thanks for sharing this one.