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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Post 391 - The Wheelbarrow - Dame Zara / Trying So Hard

The Wheelbarrow recorded this one and only single for Spin Records in 1970 and was produced by Martin Erdman.The band was made up of Charlie Wright, Tony & James Mitchell and John Foley. Wright & Foley penned the A side with Foley writing the B side of the single. Erdman employed Wheelbarrow and session musician Mike Cassidy to do some backing vocals for other singers on the Du Monde label. Erdman wanted to release a Aussie cover of the Pipkins song at the time "Yakety Yak". Charlie Wright did the high vocals and Martin Erdman did the half talking low voice. It was released by Du Monde under the name of 1957 Stadium Rockers with a Charlie Wright song called "Felicity" on the B side under the name of The 1905 Ramsgate Ballroom Dance Band. Charlie Wright & Tony Mitchell went on to join Harry Young & Sabbath who released a few singles but no LP. Tony later joined Sherbet and with Garth Porter co-wrote most of Sherbets hits including "Howzat". Charlie Wright toured the U.K with Autumn. Here to download is ther one and only single "Dame Zara" b/w "Trying So Hard" (EK-3381). The engineer's on this single were Richard Batchens & Barry Nagel with John Egginton doing the strings arrangment.

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