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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Post 404 - Harry Young & Sabbath - Paper Girl / Bus Driver's Son

This was the second last single released by Chart Records, Harry Young & Sabbath who had the hit "Wheat In The Field", it was also their second last single release in 1971. The rest of Harry Young & Sabbath recording were released on a CD called "Recollections" which Includes their hit singles "Wheat In The Field", and "San Bernadino" plus many previously unreleased tracks. The members went their own way some years ago and are all still involved in the music industry. Neither this single nor it's B side were on that CD.(label change would be the reason I'm thinking.) Here to download is the single "Paper Girl" b/w "Bus Driver's Son" (CHK-4384). A side penned by Harry and the B side penned by Harry & Tony Mitchell. The single was produced by Ron Patton. To buy the "Recollections" CD go to It's well worth a listen.

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Deutros said...

Finally had a listen to this Ozzie a couple of great tunes a wonder it's not as well known as their other singles.