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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Post 459 - John Meillon & John Ewart - Picture Show Man / Tap Tap

"Tap Tap" (AP-11423) is a sing-a-long music hall number which accompanied the movie "The Picture Show Man" starring John Meillon, John Ewart and Rod Taylor who all had a good time, it seems, hamming it up in the movie. The song is remarkably catchy and timeless but was relegated to the B-side, the A-side being the theme from the movie here for you to download. The single was released in 1977 on Albert. The composer of both sides of this single, Peter Best who won the Australian Film Institute Award for best Original Music Score in 1977 for the movie soundtrack. Peter also wrote the music for another movie which starred John Meillon and Paul Hogan, "Crocodile Dundee". "The Picture Show Man" is a witty comedy movie set in the 1920s and it chronicles the adventures of Maurice Pym (John Meillon), a flamboyant showman travelling the NSW outback unreeling silent films. Braving much hardship and heartbreak along the way. 


Mia Mossberg78 said...
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Fong Scrue said...

Real good time feel to this one.Great post.