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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Post 529 - Erl Dalby & Pyramid – Can’t Wait For September - Let Me Be Yours Until Tomorrow

Erl Dalby emerged out of Wollongong around 1969 in a group called Earl’s Court. The band recorded this Vanda & Young song as a single but split before it was released.  So Dalby came to Sydney to team up with Pyramid. The Earl’s Court tape was stripped down with only vocals and strings left then Pyramid re-recorded all the backing.  The finish product was then released by Erl Dalby & Pyramid and enjoyed reasonable success. In 1971 Erl left the group and recorded 3 solo singles under the guidance of Rory Thomas. Here to download is the 1970 single “Can’t Wait For September” b/w “Let Me Be Yours Until Tomorrow’ (DM 325) for Du Monde Records.  Sadly Erl passed away in 2011. 

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terry said...

Bought this Disc when I lived in OZ, just love it. I have it still a bit scratchy but so what, such a fabulous voice. Now I listen to it on u tube