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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Post 566 - Dark Tan - After Dark....Tan LP

Alston Koch, is a Sri Lanka born Australian singer-songwriter. He migrated to Sydney, Australia where he was most successful in the entertainment and professional music industry while recording for RCA/Laser Records and the Australian TV Network Channel 9's "Living Sound" recording label. In Australia, he formed his band Dark Tan and recorded three international hits on the RCA label. He has performed internationally with Dark Tan, S-witch, and as a solo artist. One notable appearance was during 'The Stars & Stripes Concert' in 1976, performing under the Sydney harbour bridge on a floating pontoon for Radio 2SM. Rock Brains Of The Universe and music historian Glenn A Baker has said that 'Alston & Dark Tan' were the originators of Disco Music in Australia. His first self-written major hit, "Disco Lady", earned him his first gold record. The song also won him and Dark Tan the 'Best New Talent' at the 1979 International Disc Jockey Association Awards (Before the ARIA'S ) and that same year Dark Tan won Australia's Observer newspaper's 'Best Disco Band' award. George Levendis of Motown Records in New York said he had the best soul voice in Australasia and Robert Racic the legendary Dance Music producer called him the Luther Vandross of Australia. Here to download is the “After Dark…..Tan” (VXL1-6514). The album was produced by Alston Koch except for the track Disco lady that was produced by Mario Millo. Engineers were Alex Duyser and Peter Hood. The album was recorded between January 1978 and March 1980.  On a personal note I must say I wasn’t a big fan of Disco at the time and I didn’t buy this LP until about 30 years later when I pick it up somewhere in a second-hand record store in Sydney.  A week ago I received an email from a guy in Canada named Andrew, he said he liked Australian music and wondered if I could help him track down a band called Dark Tan. I thought now there’s a name I haven’t heard of in a while. So after digging in some boxes I found the LP and I must be honest this is the first time I have played it and I must say Alston Koch has a brilliant voice, it really blew me away. I’m sorry now I never played it much sooner and I’ll be looking for other recordings by this man I can assure you.     MP3

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