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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Post 585 - Tony Worsley with the Enrec Studio Band - Heartache For You - Rainy Night In Georgia

Tony was born in England and in 1944 with his family immigrated to Australia. He’s mainly known for his hit 'Velvet Waters'. Tony fronted the long running group 'The Blue Jays' in 1965 under 'Tony Worsley and The Blue Jays’. Tony has appeared on all major television variety shows during his long career and has toured Australia wide. Tony has appeared on 'The Mike Walsh Show' - 'Teen Beat' - 'Sing Sing Sing' - 'Saturday Date' - 'Komotion' - 'The Go Show' and many more. Tony still sings and now runs his own restaurant in Caloundra in Queensland. Here to download is a single he released in 1990, his first recording in over 22 years. He was invited to record the song after Ed Matzenik saw him performing at an Aboriginal concert in Sydney. The single “Heartache For You” b/w “Rainy Night In Georgia” (ENS 090) released on Enrec Records under the name of Tony Worsley with the Enrec Studio Band. Thanks again to Tim for finding this gem for the Blog.mp3  For more on the Tony Worsley story go to 

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