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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Post 590 - Fat Mamma's Big Boozas Bad News Blues Band - Goodbye Forever - Call Me A Fool

Fat Mamma's Big Boozas Bad News Blues Band only single release for Fable Records was "Goodbye Forever" b/w “Call Me A Fool” (FB- 112). The Single was produced by Brian Cadd. Members are.....Phillip Russell, David Sargeant, Pierre Fabre and Peter Sheldrick. Karol Witte and Gavin Robinson joined the band after this single release. The 45 itself had a release date apparently of April 1972, and its catalogue number of FB-112 puts it three Fable releases after Marshall’s Portable Music Machine, and importantly three Fable releases before the Fable Singers’ version of When the Saints Go Marching In, the club song of the St Kilda Saints. The song itself was an abject commercial failure in any of the capitals’ top 40 charts, and missed the national top 100 as well.  The release itself is featured on a Fable compilation album called “Channel 9 ‘New Faces’ Discoveries”, which featured songs by other Fable artists, such as Liv Maessen, Franciscus Henri and John Williamson, among many others …Thanks to Alan for this rare gem, and Badger for his Top 40 info.mp3


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ozzie for the chance to hear Fat Mamma's band. I can hear why it never made it to the top 100. great share and a piece of Fable History.



David Sargeant said...

There were only four members of the band that recorded the Fable single. The inclusion of Gavin and Karol has nothing to do with it as they were members of a later incarnation.

Ozzie Music Man said...

Thanks David for the update all fixed.