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Monday, 2 November 2015

Post 602 - Hannagan - It's All Over Now Baby Blue - Song For Alex

Hannagan made his first singing debut at the age of ten, when he joined his primary school choir. At seventeen around the days of "Beetle mania" he became very disheartened at the meaningless lyrics presented in many pop stars at the time. He felt so strongly about this he ignored pop music altogether. However his thoughts changed in late 1963 when a friend of his in the U.S. sent him a tape of a then relatively unknown singer by the name of Bob Dylan. Hannagan loved the tapes and realized for the first time that meaningful lyrics could be adapted to pop music. He knew then that was the type of music he wanted to sing. In 1964 he became a member of The Easyriders formed for the Aussie concert tour of Bronnie McGhee & Sonny Terry. In late 1966 he joined Brisbane blues band Black Cat Circle. After two years with them he left to assist with the running of a folk club called Foco, but when business and personal troubles came about he packed his bags and decided to move to Melbourne. Unfortunately the Melbourne pop scene did not treat him well. For almost six months he had to live off the money he had saved. Things took a turn for the better in mid 1969 when he scored the job as singer/guitarist with the Ram Jam Big band, but the group split in November of that year. Soon after he joined Turnstile until mid 1970 when they split over work and payment hassles. Again he packed his bags and moved the Sydney, three weeks later he took a tape of songs he had penned to a music publishing company in the hope he could sell them. Impressed by the songs the company gave him a substantial advance and he was signed up to EMI with a recording contract. Luck came his way and he spent late 1970 and early '71 writing songs and producing music for commercials and documentaries, he also worked as a session musician. In December 1971 he released his first single for EMI Harvest label a cover of Dylan's "It All Over Now Baby Blue" b/w "Song For Alex" (HAR-9733) The single was produce by Rod Coe. The version of this single I picked up is a test pressing so not sure if there's any different to the Harvest single or not. mp3

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Micko said...

Hi There Ozzie
Just a quick note which my be of interest. At this stage Hannagan was the name used by Terry's band The band line-up was Terry (Guitar/vocals), the fab Bobbi Marchini (vocals), Tim Piper (Chain/Renee Geyer - guitar), John Capek (Carson-Keyboards), Tim Partridge (Mighty Kong, Kevin Borich Express-Bass) & Laurie Pryor (Twilights, Chain, Healing Force - Drums)
Terry then went solo, also as Hannagan & released his excellent album "Tired From The trip" with a different who's who of Aussie musos including Red McKelvie (Flying Circus, Richard Clapton), Paul Wylde (Blackfeather-piano), John McInerny (Company Caine-drums) & Partridge remained

Cheers mate