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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Post 606 - Saga And The 2CC Announcers - 12 Australian Days Of Christmas - Christmas In Canberra

Canberra has had its fair share of groups. Saga was one of the longest serving groups that went along changing and evolving but never really having a big break out hit. They started with founding member Jeff Gallimore who had been in the group Abbe Gailca In 1971.Saga kicked off in 1972 and they were still turning out music a decade later. At one stage they were a 6 piece and then back to a 4 piece and then members came and went....By 1976 Saga were involved in a charity recording subsidized by the Fairfax Media Group who owned the Canberra Times newspaper among others. Their remake of the Dr. Hook track "The Cover Of The Rolling Stone" was given a new Oz comedy slant. Saga's single was called "The Cover Of The Canberra Times". In 1978 they were back with this Christmas single "12 Australian Days Of Christmas" b/w "Christmas In Canberra" (SMX 46917/8). They teamed up with the announcers from Radio 2CC for this Christmas treat. The single was produced by Jeff Gallimore.mp3

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