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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Post 616 - Icehouse - Full Circle

“Full Circle” (7310682/1) is a 2CD collection of remixed tracks by  Icehouse released in December 1994 on Massive Records. It also features a variety of musicians including the Bangarra Dance Company, Elcho Island and guitar virtuoso, Buckethead who would later join Guns N' Roses. Disc 1 is subtitled The Revolution Mixes and disc 2 is The Time & Motion Mixes; tracks "Shakin' the Cage", "MLK" and "Dedicated to Glam" as well as the 16 minute version of "The Great Southern Land Mix," "Desdemona" is a cover version of the John's Children single, composed by Marc Bolan. Personnel on this album are Cameron Allan – producer, mixing, Christina Amphlett – vocals, Jenny Andrews – vocals, Marc Bolan – interviewer, dialogue. Buckethead – guitar, Charles Clouser – producer, mixing, Iva Davies – producer, engineer, performer, mixing, 808 State – remixing, Alan Fisch – engineer, Oz Fritz – engineer, Mark Gamble – producer, mixing, Ray Hearn – project supervisor, Jon Ingoldsby – guitar, Bill Laswell – bass, guitar (bass), producer, mixing, basic track, Simon Leadley – engineer, editing, mastering, mixing, Banula Marika – vocals, clapping sticks, Don Murray – didgeridoo, Steven Page – coordination, Bernie Worrell – keyboards and Yassa – rap. mp3


G-Man said...

Hey Mate, get back to me please - I realise that you don't have a blog list, but I wanna add you to mine. Someone sent me an email with one of your posts (July 14th - Adelaide band, been on my wants list for ages). Check out my blog, Aussie as well,


AussieRock said...

Awesome Post Ozzie ! Thanks mate - just listened to this and enjoyed every second.

FYI - Christie Amphlett has a cameo spot on Slow Motion, such a distinctive voice. So sad she is no longer with us. Nice tribute to her actually.

cheers mate