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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Post 639 - Little River Band - If I Get Lucky - Piece Of My Heart

“If I Get Lucky” b/w “Piece Of My Heart” (7-53767) single by Little River Band came from the bands 11th studio album. The single was produced by Dennis Lambert for MCA Records in 1990. This version is slightly shorter than the LP version and the B side was a non LP track. “If I Get Lucky” was penned by Mike Chapman with the B side by Stephen Housden, Dennis Lambert and Glenn Shorrock. The band credits on the single were Bass, Vocals – Wayne Nelson, Drums – Derek Pellicci, Guitar Stephen Housden, Guitar, Vocals – Graham Goble, Keyboards, Claude Gaudette, and Lead Vocals – Glenn Shorrock.  Thanks to Tim for finding this gem for the Blog. I must admit I’d never heard this single till now and I must say it’s a great song don’t know how I missed it. I also found a CD copy of the album on EBay and eagerly waiting for it to come from the Netherlands believe it or not. Flac


peterlangstaff said...

I vaguely remember seeing the video on the Australian MTV. From memory it was set at a rodeo.

John Dearing said...
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John Dearing said... Here is that film clip