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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Post 641 - Drummond - Singing The Blues - I Have Changed

Not much about Drummond to say that I haven't already said on previous posts. This was Drummond's 4th single for Fable, "Singing The Blues" b/w ' I Have Changed" (FB-146). Produced by Ern Rose and Mike Brady at Bill Armstrong Studios in November 1972.  Mike Brady penned the B Side and I asked Mike about the single and his reply was..."Gawd that's old Garry. I definitely wrote 'I have changed' and I sang the A side too. So this one will go down well with Mike Brady fans I'm sure. Fable subsequently released two more singles under the Drummond pseudonym, but none of these like this one were successful.Flac


AussieRock said...

Thanks for the share Ozzie
Haven't heard this one so will be nice to hear something new

cheers Guy

Unc said...

Thanks Ozzie. "I Have Changed' is a bit of a revelation -- the B-Side of an unknown follow-up by the band that brought you 'Daddy Cool', but what a great song! I guess you never know where you're gonna find 'em.

noteatpig2getha said...

Hi Ozzie, thanks for this one. Hope you're ok, you haven't posted for a little while