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Friday, 23 December 2016

Post 664 - Bert Newton with the Debney Park High School Band - Bring Back The Spirit Of Christmas - See The Light

Bert Newton made a Christmas record back in 1981 called “Bring Back the Spirit of Christmas” b/w ‘See The Light” (FB-345), with the Debney Park High School Band. It was recorded on Fable Records. Bert is blessed with an easy listening, smooth vocal delivery which gave this recording a professional warmth and appeal. For quite a few years, this was an Aussie Christmas favorite...and, it's one that still gets airplay across the country each year in December. Bert reminisces about a pre-plastic tree era where he and his Dad would head to a park for a free pine tree. The record was Engineered by Brian Lawrence and Roger Savage and produced by Marcus Tarrant and Graeme Lyall. I once read “They should play this in shopping centres at Christmas when they need to clear everyone out”.  Someone else’s words not mine. Flac

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