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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Post 690 - The Sidney Simm Funny Orchestra - William Tell Rides Again - Zoopops Theme

I’m afraid not too much to write on this post, can’t find anything at all on The Sidney Simm Funny Orchestra. Released in 1974 “William Tell Rides Again” b/w “Zoopops Theme” (K-5438) On Festival Records.  Produced by Martin Erdman and conducted by Mel Bourne which I’m pretty sure is a play on words just like Sidney.  After listening to this I would compare the tracks to early Capt. Matchbox style. But like I often say maybe there is someone out there that will inform us on more of these guys someday soon. Flac


BigGray said...

I recognised the name Zoopops and when I checked the label, I saw the name Terry Hennessey.

"Terry Hennessey started with AP Films in UK as puppet maker with Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds. He arrived in Australia in '66, and made 200 puppets in 11 months for the Marionette Theatre of Australia including the puppets for "The Explorers".
He was the live presenter and puppeteer on Owly's School Channel Ten, Zoopops Channel 7 , Super Flying Fun Show Channel Nine and various commercials."

Zoopops was a Saturday morning cartoon show on Channel 7 Sydney. I remember that the POPS stood for Pedal Operated Puzzle Show, but the meaning of ZOO escapes me at the moment. The presenter was David Jeffrey.

Terry Hennessey was in a band called The Famous Peter Miller Jug Band, around 1969, who recorded one LP, also produced by Martin Erdman, which wasn't released until 1972 to try to cash in on the Captain Matchbox wave. Terry made all sorts of weird and wonderful instruments for the band, many of which, I recall, were on the set of Zoopops.

Thank you for this post. I'll file it my copy of The Famous Peter Miller "More Wonderfuller Than Friction" album.

Robert Fitzpatrick said...

just wondered if you have the song "are you looking at me" by the ferrets in flac?