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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Post 692 - Carlton - Carlton

Carlton was a rock band from Cowra (NSW), a town about 300km south-west of Sydney between Bathurst and Young and about an hour’s drive from here in Orange. The band was actually named after the Skyhooks' song. Carlton's rarely seen album contains a blend of melodic and rockier numbers, including a cover of The Master's Apprentices "Turn Up Your Radio". Here to download is the S/T album by Carlton (JCWM 0016) The LP was recorded at JAM Sound Studios in Gosford (NSW) and arranged by Carlton. Carlton are Bass Guitar – Robert Trudgen, Drums – Mick Cunningham, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Laurie Stephenson, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar – John Marsh. The album was produced by Paul Bryant. Thanks to Rex for another rare one for the Blog. Flac


Tony Francis said...

This sounds intriguing OMM. I must have a listen :-)

Robert Fitzpatrick said...

this is rare ! I have never heard of them or even a cover of turn up your radio! thanks for the flac!