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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Post 700 - Max Merritt - Growing Pains - Prove It

After moving to Los Angeles Max Merritt, where he continues to reside, toured Australia in 1979 and 1980. On the second tour he put together a band with Stewie Speer on drums, Paul Grant on guitar, John Williams on keyboards, Martin Jenner on guitar and Phil Lawson on bass. This was Merritt and Speer's last major tour together: Speer died of a heart attack on 16 September 1986. Merritt released singles "Growing Pains" b/w “Prove It” (BA 223008) in 1982 released on Avenue Records. The single was produced by Larry Murray and Max. He toured Australia in 1991 with Brian Cadd in the Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band, which comprised Merritt, Cadd (vocals, piano), John Dallimore (guitar), Craig Reeves (keyboards), Des Scott (bass) and Dave Stewart (drums).Flac

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AussieRock said...

Never thanked you for this one mate - sorry for the late acknowledgement. Really love these treasures

Didn't realise that John Dallimore played with Max - a strange combo but I guess Dallimore could adapt to Max's laidback style of music