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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Post 102 - Gary Young And The Rocking Emus LP

Gary Young and Wayne Duncan were the rhythm section of many bands particularly instrumentals since the early 1960s. One of these was The Rondells which were also the backing band for Bobby & Laurie. Young joined the Rondells in 1964, at the age of 17, whilst still at School. Young also played in The Changing Times and Ram Jam Big Band. Following the split of Bobby & Laurie, Laurie Allen put together a soul revue, called Dice, and later renamed The Laurie Allen Revue. The line-up included Gary Young, Barry Rogers and Wayne Duncan, Phil Manning and as backing singers, sisters Glenys and Colleen Hewett. Young and Ross Wilson met in 1969 whilst both were working in a book warehouse; each had previous band mates who were interested in forming a new group. Wilson, Ross Hannaford, Young and Duncan formed Sons of the Vegetal Mother later that year. As a side project from Sons of the Vegetal Mother, four of its members Duncan, Hannaford, Wilson and Young formed Daddy Cool in 1970. Other bands that Gary played with were Gary Young's Hot Dog, Jo Jo Zep, Rock Doctors, Cold Chisel, Black Sorrows, Little Red Rooster, Relax With Max, The Prestones, Crackajacks, Cool Healers, Southern Lightning, Andy Baylor's Cajun Combo and The Hornets and forgive me if I've forgotten anyone. In 1981 the Daddy Cool line up was back together again only this time as Gary Young & The Rockin Emus. Gary wrote & sang all the rockabilly tracks, played drums & the rest of the Emu's were Ross Hannaford & Jeff Burstin (Jo Jo Zep/Black Sorrows) on guitar, & Gary's long time partner Wayne Duncan. Ross "the boss" Wilson didn't play in this line up but he did produce the album. Here for you to download is one of many forgotten LPs, this time out of 1982 on Mushroom "Gary Young And The Rocking Emus" (L 37815) Enjoy this classic and. Yes I am a die-hard Daddy Cool fan! I had the pleasure of seeing them back together when they supported the Beach Boys in 2007 and of course after their set I got the chance to meet the guys and get stuff signed as you do, and no offence to the Beach Boys but anyone that was there will tell you D.C. stole the show.

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