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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Post 105 - Thomas & Bailey - Missing Persons LP

G.Wayne Thomas came to Australia from New Zealand in 1966.  In 1967 he went to the Australian Theatre Trust Opera Company and in 1968 he moved from Opera Australia and spent a short time at Channel 7 in Sydney. He worked at J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency. While working there he wrote produced and performed a number of commercial jingles, in association with the then Musical Director of Hair and later Jesus Christ Superstar, Patrick Flynn. Patrick also worked for a number of other advertising agencies, which attracted interest from record companies; in 1970 he joined Warner Bros as Managing Director of their existing 14 publishing companies. In 1971, he produced the soundtrack of Morning of the Earth. In 1972, although at first he was reluctant when approached by Albe Falzon & David Elfick to write and produce the soundtrack for their new movie Crystal Voyager. He eventually agreed, the whole soundtrack was written, performed and produced in 10 days. During the period with Warner he produced a number of No1 and top 10 records for various artists such as Allison McCallum, Rumor, Jon English, Shona Lang, Autumn, and Himself. In 1979 he teamed up with Peter Bailey, they signed to Polydor and released 4 singles plus the L.P. "Missing Persons" (2907 054) here for you to download. Tommy Emanuel played guitar on "I Don't Want To Spoil Your Party" & "The Last Laugh" other musicians were Jimmy Kelly, Paul Baker, Terry Fogg, Lindsay Hammond and Mike McLellan. The album was produced by Thomas & Bailey. And a big thank you once again to Peter McCray for another classic from his vault.


Micko said...

You bet me to this one Ozzie as I was going to upload it to Midoztouch. But by all means let the others know of the post on the forum. It's quite a good album, and even if not my fave among G Wayne Thomas' works, it still needs more exposure. Plus there are sure to be many G Wayne fans in particular who may not be aware of this album's existence. So thanks for that

Cheers mate


Thanks Micko, and yes I was one of those few that wasn't aware of this L.P some how I missed it, and as you said maybe not his finest work compared maybe to his S.T. album but on first listen I wondered how I missed it as it wasn't that bad either. And thanks to Peter for sending it to me to clean up makes me wonder what other gems are out there I haven't heard yet :)

CristieH said...

Hi All,

I have a copy of this album on LP that I'd be willing to part with for a reasonable offer.

If you are interested please contact me via Email


Leon Kechayas said...

Hi All, Peter actually lived across the road from me in Melbourne, and one of the songs on the album I was a witness in it's birth, also Peter gave me an original copy of the album, just with side 1 & 2 on it nothing else, like literally straight of the press.