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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Post 225 - Grand Junction Country Band - Walk All Over Georgia / Devil Whiskey

Grand Junction Country Band was formed in 1973 included founding members Dave Tyne on bass guitar and vocals, Mike Tyne on pedal steel guitar, Lance Clarke on Lead guitar and vocals, with Duncan Watt on Drums. The band released their first single on ATA Records in 1974 called "Walking All Over Georgia". In 1975 Mike Tyne left the band to tour with Slim Dusty's Travelling Country Band, and was replaced by Colin McIntosh on steel guitar, and Peter Brown takes over on Lead Guitar. Alan Trudinger (aka Alan Stewart) joins Grand Junction in 1976 along with Keith Longman on drums. In 1977 Longman is replaced by John Fraser on drums. Peter Johnson replaces Peter Brown in 1978 on vocals and lead guitar. In 1981 Doug Rowe (ex Flying Circus) replaces Peter Johnson as lead guitarist & produces the bands first album for RCA Records simply titled "Grand Junction." Here to download is their first single produced by Gerry Stevens "Walk All Over Georgia" b/w "Devil Whiskey" (K-5863).

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