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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Post 228 - Mondo Rock - Why Fight It LP

This download has been removed upon the request of Mondo Rock management who will be releasing the entire back catalogue of Mondo Rock albums around September. Please support the artists by purchasing when they are available.

Mondo Rock was formed in late 1976 by singer songwriter Ross Wilson. 1990 saw their last recording of new material as Mondo Rock, with the album "Why Fight It", featuring Wilson and McCusker with a studio super group that included former Beach Boys drummer Ricky Fataar and renowned American guitarist Waddy Wachtel. Three singles were released, "Things Are Hotting Up", "I Had You In Mind" and "Soul Reason", but these did not chart and Wilson dissolved the group during 1991. Here to download is their last LP "Why Fight It" (VPL1 0831) on RCA Records. Mondo Rock has occasionally reformed, and they starred in the 2006 "Countdown Spectacular" concerts, which were seen by more than 100,000 people throughout Australia, performing a medley of "Cool World" and "Summer Of '81", and a full version of "Come Said The Boy".


Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie and Mrs. Ozzie had this but at a very low bit rate and I had no artwork.

Also did you get my Email Ozzie.

AussieRock said...

Thanks Ozzie for this wonderful LP - haven't heard it before and am very impressed.

Micko said...

Ya know Ozzie I just realized that I not only didn't thank you & Mrs Ozzie for this, I didn't even download it

So many thanks to u both for the music & artwork. The back cover doesn't give much in the way of production credits but I know that it was essentially Ross & Eric McCusker with US session players like the great Waddy wachtel (Steely Dan, Linda Ronstadt etc)
Who else played on the album. Was their an insert for this, as the back cover doesn't even give a producer's credit. If so, hope you can upload it for me

Thanks 4 that


Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Great under-rated album - after just listening to this I was inspired to go out and buy Aztec Music's CD release of their debut album Primal Park. Great album and great band start to finish. Thanks very much for this download.