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Friday, 12 March 2010

Post 247 - Dancing Daze - Soundtrack

ABC TV series which was devised by Michael Cove and Chrissie Koltai which starred Meryl Tankard, Patsy Stephen and Laurence Clifford. In 1988 the soundtrack LP was released on ABC Records and featured songs by Wendy Matthews, Jenny Morris, Mark Williams, Jane Clifton, Larry Van Kriedt, Martin Armiger, Sherlie Matthews and the late Marc Hunter. The LP was produced by Martin Armiger. Sharon O'Neill wrote the title track and "Dare To Be Bold" both sang by Wendy Matthews, other tracks were penned by Martin Armiger, Greg Macainsh, David Briggs, Stephen Cummings and Dean Richards to name a few. Here to download is that LP "Dancing Daze" (RML 53191).


MusicLover69 said...

THANK YOU ! I have been searching for this album since I lost my tape copy. Proving once again the awesomeness of the net. :)

The Lone Typist said...

I am simply overwhelmed to finally find a copy of the haunting theme to this TV show...

yiu've made an old man VERY happy. thanks