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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Post 273 - Moscos and Stone - Singles Collection

In early '77 Laurie Stone left Railroad Gin to record his solo album "Life's A Carnival" which appears to have never been released. He produced singles for Brisbane bands such as Wickety Wak, Moonlight and Chicks Inc before teaming up with ex-Sect/Burke & Wills guitarist Peter Moscos. The two released two great albums "Moscos & Stone" 1979 and our favourite "Memorial Drive" 1980. The two also released six singles. Here for you to download from our friend Peter are those six singles and their B sides. 3 of the B sides were non album tracks as well as one A side. As a bonus we have included a song that also was never on any of their albums "C'mon Radio" which came from the album "That's Queensland" compilation album, 1979. Stone went on to composing and producing music for film and TV. One of his most memorable was the theme for the TV drama "Flying Doctors". In the early 90's his soundtrack work took him to L.A. Sadly in 2003 Peter died of cancer.


stonefish55 said...

Mate - what a fantastic post. I've been trying to find some of Moscos & Stone's tracks for another listen for years (and years, and years). Really, really enjoyed hearing them again!!

Thanks a million!

AussieRock said...

And its a big thank you from me too Ozzie.
Nice to get hold of these gems
Much appreciated

fatpizzaman said...

The song "Life's A Carnival" was eventually recorded by Brisbane girl rock/dance band Chicks for their 1980 album "Security", which I've got on vinyl in my collection in good condition on RCA Records. As it is unlikely that Sony Music Entertainment will re-release it, I've turned it into MP3s which you can download from my site. I met Laurie a few times in 1997 when I bought a rack mount sampler off him at his studios in Newstead. Very nice and talented guy he is.
At present I'm working on a more modern version of the band Chicks doing similar dance orientated rock, but with some more modern styles and exploring a cultural territory that very few bands (esp women performers) would dare to tread.

Rick Marlow said...

Wow, I'd given up on finding ANY Moscos & Stone. Thanks!

Micko said...

Hi Ozzie

Was any artwork ever made up for this at all? You know fussy ol' me likes to have my music complete LOL

Just wondering mate..a terrific post to have all of the singles together

Cheers mate