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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Post 271 - Footy Favourites (N.S.W.) LP

Tooth's Hotels presented this LP in 1981 of the N.S.W. RFL football players singing their favourite songs. The LP was produced by Peter Hood for Studio One Records and mixed at Atlantic Studios, Sydney. The players who performed on this album are Peter Walsh & Brian Cook (Western Suburbs), Eric Grothe (Parramatta), Ken Wolffe (Penrith), Mitch Brennan (St.George), Chris Luckman (North Sydney), John Gray (Manly), Lloyd Martin (Balmain), Joe Reaiche (Eastern Suburbs), Steve Gearin (Canterbury), Joe Squadrito (South Sydney), Jim Walters (Newtown) and Greg Cox (Cronulla). Here to download is the album "Footy Favourites" (SO 801). All the players appear by kind permission of their respective clubs and the RFL Football player’s liaison: Wayne Thomas. A percentage of the sales of this album was donated to The Spastic Centre.

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