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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Post 270 - Moz - Save Me / Single Word

Peter Moscos was born in 1948 and was one of the members of The Sect and Burke and Wills (see post #266). With Laurie Stone they formed Moscos & Stone and released two great albums “Moscos & Stone” 1979 and “Memorial Drive” 1980. Peter worked behind the scenes and wrote songs for many Australian artists and TV productions. His partner Laurie Stone was a member of the Carol Lloyd Band and Railroad Gin. Here to download is a single he released on MOZ under the name of Moz "Save Me" b/w "Single Word" (HAP 0101). There is no release date on the label or much information anywhere on this single. Peter died in 2003 of cancer. Thanks to our good friend Peter for this single.


AussieRock said...

Hey Ozzie
Moscos & Stone's single 'Captain Captain' was a big favourite of mine back in the 70's, so I'm grateful to have the chance of hearing some of Moscos's solo work.
Thanks mate (and Mrs Ozzie)

stewwinfield said...

Wow this is nuts! I remember a song called 'single word' from a kids TV series called Pugwalls summer. I was recording my own version because I really liked the song and I was searching for information on the writer when I stumbled on this version!! I'm still amazed at what you can find on the net!

My version:

TV version Pugwall:

Rob Byrne said...

Roadied for Bourk and Wills when Peter, Jamie and Paul were the line-up based in Melbourne.
Filled in on drums in later years after Jamie left.
Both Peter and Jamie went back to Queensland with their wives to have families.
Paul I don't know about.
Peter wrote children's books and musicals.
Jamie did FM radio in Brisbane and don't know what happened since then?
Moscos and Stone came about after Jamie went back to Brisbane (I believe after an ultimatum from his wife/partner).
On the way North he wrote 'Jamie Come Home' which rated nationally and kept him touring for some time.
After a national top ten with 'Thank You'.
'B' sides included 'Lazy Acres' and 'Sea Cruise'I think (the vinyl is not longer available the band slipped from prominance.
Peter died from cancer about nine years ago.
He was a warm and engageing soul.