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Friday, 14 May 2010

Post 266 - Sinclair Brothers - The Singles

On post # 104 we posted the Sinclair Brother's great album "Two Moons". Unfortunately they never did another LP but they did do a couple of singles after the album. They gave us 4 singles all up with the last two not on the "Two Moons" LP. There was also a B side that was a non album track as well. All the singles were recorded on Infinity and produced by Martin Erdman. The singles in this collection are "Yesterfool" b/w "Jenny", "Love Me Like I love You" b/w "Leavin'", "It Must Be Autumn" b/w "Lingering Tones", "City Boy" b/w "Trains" Thanks to Peter for these gems.

1 comment:

roadrunner57 said...

Thanks greatly. I have looked for "It must be Autumn" for over 20 years with no luck. This is a gem that reminds me of McCartney in many ways. Thanks again for a great site and long live great Aussie music!!