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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Post 269 - Johnny Farnham - Sings The Big Hits Of '73 Live! LP

John Peter Farnham, formerly billed as Johnny Farnham, was born on the 1st of July 1949 in Dagenham, England. He was a teen pop idol from 1964–1979, and since then he has forged a career as an adult contemporary singer. His career has mostly been as a solo artist but he replaced Glenn Shorrock as lead singer of Little River Band during 1982–1985. In September 1986 his solo single, "You're the Voice" peaked at No. 1 on the Australian singles charts. The associated album, Whispering Jack, held the No. 1 position for a total of 25 weeks, and is the highest-selling album in Australian history. Here to download is his 1973 LP "Sings The Big Hits Of '73 Live!" (EMC 2506) on EMI. It was recorded live at Armstrong's Studios on the 29th of September 1973. The album was produced by Peter Dawkins and arranged by Geoff Hales. Unfortunately it doesn't credit any of the musicians that backed John on this album, but from the sound of the album it would have been a pretty long list.


Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie thought I had this one.

Micko said...

Thanks Ozzie. And so completes my collection of early Johnny Farnham albums.



JMEMC said...

Thanks Ozzie for your great and often rare postings.
This is a great help for me trying to complete "johnny"s output to '75, including B-sides.
Keep up the good work!