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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Post 268 - Brian Cadd & Adam Harvey - Rockin' The Country

Back in 1998 when I was working at FM 107.5 in Orange, we received an NfS radio sampler CD of upcoming releases country singles for radio each month. On #45 was this single, here for you to download, "Rockin' The Country". After a listen I liked it, and being a Brian Cadd fan, I thought I'd give it some air play. At that time I didn't know who Adam Harvey was but at first listen thought he was a bit like Elvis. I played it every show in the following weeks and got a great response. People liked it and wanted to buy it. A friend of mine that worked in a record bar was receiving enquiries to purchase this single nearly every day but she couldn't find a release date on either artist. I contacted the woman that was on the paper work from NfS and she told me that Warner was the company that was going to release it. She also asked me to fax her feedback of how popular it was and how people wanted to purchase it. She planned to take it to a meeting with the Warner executives and maybe get a release date. That was the last I heard from her and the single. To my knowledge it has never been released and never appeared on either artist’s albums. I have tried to contact Brian and Adam but as yet haven't received an answer from either of them. So it’s still a bit of a mystery. I have no catalogue number, B side, or any other info for this single. I always thought it should have been released and it would have sold around here by the response that I got. Maybe someone out there can enlighten us. Have a listen and see what you think.

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mattandsaraharthur said...

Thanks Ozzie. Love both artists so this is a real treat.