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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Post 332 - Galadriel - Standing In The Rain / Working

Galadriel was formed in 1969 by guitarist and songwriter Garry Adams and drummer Doug Bligh. Galadriel's members wanted to write and perform their own original material. Recruiting hotshot lead guitarist Gary Lothian from the highly regarded Sydney band Elliot Gordon Union, singer John Sholtens and flautist Mick Parker from fellow Sydney dance band Samael Lilith, Galadriel soon made a name for themselves. The band signed with Gus McNeil's Cellar Music, which was also the publishing company for Spectrum's Mike Rudd and Country Radio's Greg Quill. Late in 1970 Galadriel recorded ten original songs at Sydney's United Sound Studios with American producer Tom Lubin. Their debut single "Lady Was A Thief" /b/w "Girl of Seventeen" in February 1971, was picked up for release by Martin Erdman's label Du Monde. Galadriel shopped the recordings around for several more months without success, but eventually they were signed by the Polydor label, who released the LP and their second single here for you to download "Standing In The Rain" b/w "Working" (2079 001), in May 1971. These were Polydor's first local rock releases in Australia and although the recordings were remarkably good, Polydor evidently lacked the experience and clout to get it noticed and regrettably both album and single sank without trace. Apparently both singles from the LP are noticeably different according to an interview by the band in the Freedom Train magazine.

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AussieRock said...

Tnanks Ozzie
I only just discovered this band recently (although I had heard "Girl of Seventeen" many years ago but hadn't made the connection) and think they belong in the same category as Bakery - a fantastic band that was clearly ahead of their time and sadly 'unrecorded'
I am keen to see the differences in the single versions compared with the LP
I suspect that the single would be worth a bit now as the LP fetchs $100's on eBay