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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Post 338 - Issi Dy - Incense EP

Again, the spelling of this guy’s name amazes me. No wonder his stuff is so hard to find. On post # 258, the single "Family Full Of Soul" label shows his name to be Issy Di. The EP which is here for you to download "Incense" (FX-11,704) shows his name as Issi Dy on the cover, but is Issy Dy on the record label. On his web site it's Issi Dye, so as you can see finding him on eBay or other record buying sites you have to try the lot or you might just miss out. In the 1960's Issi appeared on Television programs like Bandstand, Kommotion, The GO! Show and Uptight. In late 1969 Issi had his first hit song with "Incense" and moved into the 1970's as a regular presenter and performer on the "Happening 70s" TV Show. This continued for three years. The EP was produced by Peter Goodman for Festival Records and the last track "A Simple Song" was written by Jim Keays and Doug Ford from the Masters Apprentices.


Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie

Micko said...

Thanks from me too Ozzie..good pickup this one. And I still don't think Issi's as bad as some make him out to be. Not that he's that good either LOL

Cheers folks