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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Post 343 - Frankie Davidson - Aussie Music (You've Sure Come A Long Way) Part 1 & 2

This Frankie Davidson single, released in 1984 on Powderworks Records, was written by Frankie and produced by Mike Harvey. I'm not going to write a lot about this song as I think Frankie says it all in this song, I don't think there's many Aussie acts he doesn't mention in these two tracks. As Molly would say "Do yourself a favour and have a listen." It reminds me a bit of Lucky Starr's "I've Been Everywhere" only with Aussie artists instead of Aussie towns. Here to download is "Aussie Music (You've Sure Come A Long Way) Part 1 & 2" (POW 0230).

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fitzall said...

Thanks for posting this. Didn't know he released anything after the 70s ... Ballbearing Bird, Hector The Trash Collector etc. Can remember as a kid hearing 'Have You Ever Been To See Kings Cross?'