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Monday, 21 March 2011

Post 348 - Peter Cupples - Fear Of Thunder / I'm Into You

As Stylus began to break up, Peter Cupples started working on some new music projects. A small band evolved and they took up a residency at The Hatters Castle in Melbourne. The band pushed Peter to write some different music. He moved away from the soul genre and he wanted to explore new avenues with his writing. This was the time that "Fear Of Thunder" was recorded. The song itself was exciting and different. It was Peter's way of expressing the new direction that he had discovered around that time. It didn't fit into any specific musical category when it was recorded, a difficult record to sell commercially. It was rock, pop, soul, reggae. A publishers dream and a record company’s nightmare. Here to download is the single from 1981 "Fear Of Thunder" b/w "I'm Into You" (FMS-2113) which was recorded for Full Moon Records and produced by Peter Cupples and John French. Peter never managed to put together the sound that was needed for a big Aussie hit. Maybe they were a bit too different, maybe the timing wasn't right. But he was playing the music he loved playing, and their loyal fans followed them around as he continued in his pursuit of success. Peter had friends in the industry like Daryl Summers who allowed him the opportunity to play my new music to the national audience. The "Changes" LP in 1994 was his first recording in 10 years. In that time records had become CD's and technology had improved dramatically and that showed out in the clarity of the finished product. Peter recorded a great LP in 2007 called "About Time". Read more about Peter's musical journey at

1 comment:

pflext said...

Many thanks for this one Gary.
I thought it said U.S. Remix on the label but it just says "Remix".
This is a bit confusing because "remix" refers to a previous version done in the same vein, then altered.
I've never heard another upbeat funky version of this.
I have heard slow jazzy versions of it though.
It may just be the first Australian recording artist with the word "remix" on an Aussie label.