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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Post 361 - Heart 'N' Soul - Let Me Sing In Your Band / Lights Of Cincinnatti

Heart'n'Soul started out as a dinner club/cabaret band in Sydney in 1967 but it soon evolved into Australia's first jazz rock big band and the first local group to perform what has become known as jazz rock fusion. They issued three Singles on Festival, their third, here for you to download " Let Me Sing In Your Band" b/w "Lights Of Cincinnatti" (FK-3409), the A side was penned by Johnny Young and the single was produced by Spencer Lee and arranged by Rory Thomas and Phil Predeaux. By 1970 they renamed the band, The Heart'n'Soul Hot Boogie Band and was one of the first acts signed to Festival's new progressive label Infinity, which was launched in January 1971. When they recorded their "Hot Boogie Band" LP in late 1970, the group had expanded to 12 members.

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Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie Grabbed this and the Janice Slater great couple of posts.