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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Post 364 - Gunther Gorman - Infectious Rhythm LP

Ian "Gunther" Gorman is one of Australia's finest guitar players. He started in the 60's at the age of 12, when he landed a wedding gig at the Parramatta Bowling Club. After attending the National School of Art in Canberra Gorman returned the Sydney to play with Home the brain-child of Glyn Mason. In January 1975, Daddy Cool appeared at the final Sunbury Festival, after which Gunther Gorman was recruited to bolster the group's line-up, and although it was clear by this time that Daddy Cool was well and truly past its use-by date, they soldiered on for a few more months. The success of Sherbet in 1976 came despite founding member Clive Shakespeare leaving the band in January of that year. Gorman initially replaced Shakespeare. Harvey James ex Mississippi and Ariel in turn replaced Gorman. In 1977 he joined the Richard Clapton Band and from '78-'79 formed Gunther's G-Force. Here to download from 1981 is his only solo LP " Infectious Rhythm" (600078) for WEA Records. The album features Huce Benjamin on drums, Clive Harrison bass, David Kimber piano, Don Miller Robinson guitar and bass, Ralph White brass, Doug Williams vocals and James Rogers bass. The LP was produced by Robinson and Gorman. In 1982 after receiving a phone call from Glenn A Baker, Gunther embarked on a 10 year here, there and everywhere stint with Frankie J. Holden, Rockpile Jones, Jim Manzie, Geoff Plummer, Wilbur Wilde in Ol' 55. In 2010 he teamed up with Mike Waddle, Dave Twohill and Roger McCulloch as The Barstars. These four Cooma based musicians not only have a great sound but also some serious history behind them.


Sue Scarcella said...

Hi, Gunther. I am admin on a Facebook Group "Australian Rock Bands 1960s and 1970s. We just had a member discuss the fact that HOME were support to Slade on their 74 tour. We can find precious little about HOME but other members had the names of members. So I found you. Would love it if you could give us some info on HOME and your career. Sue Scarcella

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. As an infrequent `on-liner' I just stumbled upon your request re HOME etc.
The band was formed in 1973 by original LA DE DA'S bassist/founding member, Trevor Wilson (dec) and vocalist/guitarist Glyn Mason (REBELS, CHAIN). We rehearsed in a flat in Bondi, then embarked on a couple of years playing clubs and touring as support act to other WEA artists (SLADE, SUZI QUATRO and YES). The final line-up consisted of Glyn (vox/guitar), Loppy Morris, ex HOT COTTAGE (drums); Funky Phil Lawson ex BAKERY (bass/vox)and yours truly (guitar, vocals). We released 2 albums on WEA during this period...HOME AT LAST (1974)and LONG WAY TO NOWHERE (1975) then we fell apart like a Hong Kong suit.
My own story thereafter is a bit of a mixed bag - other bands, various recordings, gigs, a lot of time in the US, one ill-fated solo album, some minor success in EU, a new family, some further education, and a few years working as an IP Examiner, and the rekindling of my passion for design / painting, and recording / performing.
Suffice to say I'me still here...and playing a lot more now too...having just completed some performances at the 2016 THREDBO BLUES festival with the HIP REPLACEMENTS - a 6 piece R&B unit formed here in the snowy by the wonderful bassist Jeremy Paul (AIR SUPPLY, DIVINYLS.
Thank for your request Sue...I hope this suffices. gg

Anonymous said...

Gunther - I believe that you play lead on Richard Clapton's Goddbye Tiger album. I'd just like to say that it is incrediblly good playing.