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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Post 378 - Ol' 55 - Should'a Been Here Yesterday LP

We found this album in a garage sale back in 2009 with no cover so was a bit of a mystery. I asked all my music contacts and posted what I'd found on the Midoztouch forum with no contact back from anyone about the album. I was starting to think it was someone else with Ol' 55's name on the label, until one day we received an email for a guy called Rod Crundwell telling us that it was for real and a story about the album. Then after a computer crash and losing all my emails we lost contact with Rod and lost all the info he'd given us. Then earlier this year we found Rod again on Facebook. Thanks now to Rod, we have the art work and the info again to share with you all.
“This album was recorded in 2001. The personnel are..Rockpile Jones on lead guitar and vocals. Geoff Plummer on drums (both from the original Ol55 line-up. Sadly Geoff passed away in 2006). Rod Crundwell on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Neil Pepper Guitar and vocals and Kim Constable bass and vocals. The songs are (1) 'Bad Boy' (2) Well don’t You know, (3) Neil Peppers song 'Every Night' (4) Make Believe...a live staple at the time featuring Rockpile on lead vocals (5) Dancin to the Muzak. written by Crundwell and Sanders later of Men with Day Jobs...Rod Crundwell on lead vocals. (6) Comic Book World composed by original Ol 55 bass player Jim Manzie and previously recorded by Ol 55 (very differently!) on 'Cruisin for a Bruisin' LP, ( 7) Should'a been here yesterday featuring Rockpile on lead vocals , this song was later recorded for the first Men with Day Jobs LP. The three bonus tracks were recorded live in Glen Innes in 2000. It was a limited print run and only sold at gigs”
Here to download is this very rare Ol' 55 album produced by Jim Morley. Again thanks to Rod Crundwell for all his help with this recording and info. Don't forget to check out Rod with Men With Day Jobs @


AussieRock said...

What a great find Mr & Mrs Ozzie - and well done on the great detective work.
A rare find indeed and thanks for sharing

Thirsty said...

Thanks for sharing this rare album. I didn't know it existed until now.

rockindoc said...

Many thanks!!! JohnG

Plumz64 said...

Hi, I'm looking forward to hearing this album after I download it. Do you know if there are any recordings of The Hip Replacements, the band that Geoff was lead vocalist for before his death?

The band includes of Paul McCann, Rockpile Jones (both original Ol'55/Fanis members) among others.

Also do you have any idea if there is anywhere a video of Geoff singing "Goodnight Sweetheart."?

Aussie Cash said...

A huge thanks guys for passing my info over to Rod Crundwell when I couldn't download the "shoulda been here yesterday" album off your site. Rod contacted me and by strange coincidence he played at the "on the prowl" Lizottes gig at Kincumber last night ( which I had already pre-purchased before the email)and gave me the copy of it. a HUGE shout goes out to Rod for making my 50th rocking one. Ian Walker