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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Post 375 - Jacko - The Singles Collection

Following his retirement from football, 'Jacko' used his fame and popularity to launch a singing career. His first single, I'm An Individual was a number 1 hit on the Australian singles chart. A second single, Me Brain Hurts was not so successful. A 1991 release "You Can Do This" also failed to make an impression. Here for you to download are the three singles and their B sides, the 1st being from 1985 "I'm An Individual" b/w "Our Relationship Is Giving Me The Creeps" (k-9634) released on Raw Prawn and produced by Ern Rose & Sam See. Also from 1985 "My Brain Hurts" b/w "Like I Want You" (K-9788). Produced by Sam See, also for Raw Prawn. His last single out of 1991 was from Possum "You Can Do This" b/w "You Can Do This (Instrumental)" (POS-5201) produced by Ken Francis. After his singing career ended, Jackson began appearing in advertisements, the most successful of which was his role in Energizer battery commercials during the 1980s. The commercials ended with a manic Jacko yelling "Get Energizer. It'll surprise you! Oi!" Jacko's catchphrase "Oi!" was pronounced to rhyme with boy. These commercials were shown extensively in the United States, even though few people knew of Jackson, during a period of high American interest in things Australian. He would be the brand's last American spokesman before the emergence of the Energizer Bunny.

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Dr. Keats said...

Jacko also had a support role in the US TV series "The Highwayman".

Incidentally - listen closely to the lyrics; "People say the life I lead's enough to stunt my growth.

They ask me if I'm happy and I tell 'em..."

Does he say what I think he says??