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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Post 374 - The Reels - Beautiful LP

The Reels is an Australian rock/indie pop group which formed in Dubbo, New South Wales in 1976 and initially disbanded in 1991, they eventually reformed in 2007. Their 1981 song, "Quasimodo's Dream", was voted one of the Top 10 Australian songs of all time. In late 1982, having signed a new contract with the RCA Records label, The Reels scored an unexpected hit with a wry, languid cover of the Burt Bacharach-Hal David song, originally recorded by Herb Alpert, "This Guy's In Love With You", which reached No. 7. They followed this with a one-off album for K-tel here for you to download "Beautiful" (NA-616). Although the tracks on Beautiful walked a fine line between sincere tribute and gentle parody, it proved to be the biggest success of their career, selling in excess of 40,000 copies and reaching # 32 on the album charts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. & Mrs. Ozzie

Thanks so much for this one. It was one I ignored at the time, but have come to appreciate the singles much more in the intervening years, so I'm delighted to get my hands on the album.



zach phillips said...
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Wazdog said...

I was recently given a mispressing of this LP. B-side isactually the first side of Canadian hair metal band White Wolf. I'm curious to know if anyone knows about this record and how such a mispress could occur?

John Daly said...

I love the Reels, I bought the two singles, but could never locate the LP. The song Quasimodos Dream, has been covered so much, and is still brilliant. Thanks for this, (the Australian music business should get it's act together and start putting bands collections on CD, we would buy them, but they don't realize that.) John