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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Post 373 - Clive Shakespeare - I Realize / There's A Way

Clive Shakespeare was born on the 3rd of June 1949, in Southampton, England. His family migrated to Australia. As lead guitarist, he joined various bands including The Road Agents in 1968 in Sydney with Terry Hyland on vocals, then he formed Down Town Roll as a covers band. Other members were Adrian Cuff on organ, Frank Ma on vocals, Doug Rea on bass guitar, Pam Slater on vocals and Danny Taylor on drums. Rea, Shakespeare and Taylor went on to found pop/rock band, Sherbet later that year with Dennis Laughlin on vocals (ex-Sebastian Hardie Blues Band, Clapham Junction) and Sam See on organ, guitar, and vocals (Clapham Junction). Here to download is his one and only single on Infinity Records from 1977 "I Realize" b/w "There's A Way" (K 6750). Both sides were penned by Clive. Shakespeare worked in record production, including Paul Kelly's debut solo album "Post".


Anonymous said...

Oh!! I remember this! God that's so long ago!

AussieRock said...

What a great track the A-Side is....first time I've heard it and very impressed. I big jump from his Sherbet Days with some great guitar work.
Thanks for the share Ozzie

Deutros said...

Great share Ozzie A-side very funky could have seen Darryl singing it in thr Sherbs days the B-side nice Reggae beat.