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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Post 371 - Big Storm - Living In Exile LP

Sydney band Big Storm was formed by some of the most experienced musicians in the business. Stewart D'Arrietta, Don Miller-Robinson, Hughie Benjamin and Bjarne Ohlin. Despite the talent and pushing from WEA none of their singles were successful. The singles were "Rubber Love", "Happy New Year", "Not Guilty" and "Once In Bed" Here to download is their one and only LP released on Sire/Reprise "Living In Exile (25918-2), produced in 1987 by Don Miller-Robinson.


cliffsearch said...

Nice work. Looking forward to giving this a long listen.. Many thanks.

Mat Hilo said...

Yes... they really BLEW it by not making "Monster Of Love" the first single, with either "Happy New Year" or "Flying" as the "b-side".

The next single could have been "Beware the Cure" with "Once in Bed" as the "b-side".

When I fist hear this disc (when it was released, because I worked in Tower Records Art Department at the time), at first, I was fooling Myself thinking that I did NOT like it... but of course, the music crept-in on Me.

This is one of My favorite albums NOBODY knows.

KUDOS for putting this up, brother. I was listening to the album tonight and went looking for the album-art... and, here it was.


bonnie bianco said...

another brilliant band nobody knows. better than most that charted that year,
did they have a song called ' not waiting'. it's not on cd.

Ozzie Music Man said...

Hi bonnie bianco as far as I can tell "Not Waiting" wasn't a single by this band.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this one (and it still being up). I adored the album back in the day. Matt :D