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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Post 384 - The Cherokees – Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne / Heart Full Of Country

Melbourne based Cherokees were formed from Johnny Chester’s Chessmen, Chester suggested they name their new band The Cherokees after an ice cream that was popular at the time. The Cherokees were Billy Dale and Barry King (Guitars), Barry Windley (Drums) and Peter Tindall (Bass). Starting as a vocal and instrumental act, the group switched to vocals only in 1965 with great success. Their first single coupled the U.S group The Five Whispers track “Moon In The Afternoon” backed with a Doug Trevor original “Running Wild”. Trevor had been the lead guitarist with the Marksmen and later joined the Cherokees on bass and guitar. Lindsay Morrison (rhythm guitar), Peter 'Max' Bliney (drums), Marty van Wynk (guitar) and vocalists Mike McGuire and Kevin Smith were group members at various times. The group were selected to support the Monkees' 1968 tour, and continued into the 1970's. The single "Sally" was produced by Brian Poole, and probably recorded in England. Their last single, here for you to download “Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne” b/w “Heart Full Of Country” (RS-010) was produced by Keith Glass and Doug Trevor. The A side was a cover of a Jim Stafford song. The single was released on Real Records in 1974. Doug Trevor went on to manage Gina Jeffreys & Troy Cassar-Daley. To read more on the history of The Cherokees go to

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Daver88 said...

Hi Ozzie
Just came across this post. I can assure you this single has nothing to do with the original Cherokees apart from the fact that Barry Windley played on the recording. The band comprised Keith Glass guitar/vocals; Mike Edwards on guitar/vocals, his brother Steve on bass, David Redapple on lead guitar and Barry Windley on drums.