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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Post 385 - Steve Hill Collection

Skyhooks formed in March 1973 in Melbourne with Steve Hill on vocals (ex-Lillee), Daddy Cool frontman, Ross Wilson was playing in his group Mighty Kong with Skyhooks as a support act. Wilson was impressed with the band and signed Macainsh to a publishing deal. Skyhooks gained a cult following around Melbourne including university and pub rockers, but a poorly-received show at the January 1974 Sunbury Pop Festival saw the group booed off stage.Two tracks from their live set, "Hey What's the Matter?" and "Love on the Radio" appeared on Mushroom's Highlights of Sunbury '74. After seeing his performance on TV, Hill phoned Macainsh and resigned because he didn't like the sound of his voice. The only other know recording of Steve is "All My Friends Are Getting Married" (Demo Version) from the "Demos & Dialogue Rarities" Box Set. Sadly Steve Hill passed away after a long battle with cancer on 31st October 2005. His final wish was to play one last show with his Skyhooks mates, which he did on 13/9/05 at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney.

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Hingehead said...

Thanks for this post Ozzie - Steve Hill was just a trivia footnote to me until I read this.