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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Post 395 - Rolf Harris & Rick Parfitt - Christmas In The Sun

Collaborating with Rick Parfitt of Status Quo on 2009 Rolf Harris released a Christmas single based on his memories of eating a traditional hot turkey dinner in the scorching heat during his early years in Perth. It has been 40 years since Rolf Harris topped the Christmas charts.Rolf and Rick worked with guitarist Wayne Morris to celebrate the memories of growing up in Western Australia. The track was recorded in Red Cube Studio in Hamburg, Germany with producer Wolfgang Birnbacher. “Dad's got a cold one from the fridge to help him brave the barbecue,” Rolf sings and it doesn’t getting any more Aussie than that. "Christmas In The Sun" begins with a ukulele introduction before exploding into a rock track with a typical Status Quo seven bar blues riff. The song contains a couple of puns which Quo fans (if no one else) will appreciate! Here to download is that single penned by Rolf along with a version 2. Parfitt insisted the duo’s effort was destined to become a festive classic. He said: "Forget Rock ‘n’ Roll, this is Rick ‘n’ Rolf. This is a great track that will be played for years to come".

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