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Monday, 19 December 2011

Post 399 - Col Elliott - Merry Xmas / Don't Winge And Scream

Col Elliott is an Australian stand-up comedian who has since been active since the early 1970s, based mainly on character based comedy. He has released more than 20 albums. His first taste of the business was in his Navy days, moonlighting in the bars of Singapore and Hong Kong for drinks and tips. He left the Navy in 1972 and as Col puts it, he wasn’t quite prepared for Civilian life. He joined the Navy as a boy of 15. Col said “ I left the Navy with a basic knowledge of Bingo, I could ask for a beer in five different languages, and track a submarine, that didn’t exactly give me many options in the middle of Melbourne in 1972". Col said he stumbled into show business in 1973. He needed tyres for his clapped out old car and the coppers had put it off the road - “...they didn’t like my Angry Anderson tyres"!Here to download is Col's Christmas single released in 1984 " Merry Xmas" b/w "Don't Winge And Scream" (CES-1383). Alan Caswell and Mick Hamilton penned the A side with Col writing the B side, both song come from the "Move Over Rover" LP. Another version of this song can be found on post #192 by Sanity Clause.

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