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Monday, 6 February 2012

Post 411 - The News - Boomerang / Louise Louise

The band were Marty Kristian, Brian Engel and Mick Flinn, all were members of the New Seekers at one time or other. They set up their own record label "Megaphone" for this sole release in 1981. Kristian was brought up in Australia, originally training to be an architect at Melbourne University. In 1969 he became a member of the original line up of the New Seekers. Mick Flinn was the bass player for The Mixtures from 1967 - 1972, The Mixtures travelled to the UK in 1971, where Flinn remained after the band's break-up. Subsequent UK projects included Springfield Revival among others. Brian Engel joined the New Seekers in 1978, he was introduced at the bands live shows as "the new guy on the end". Here to download is the one and only single released by The News "Boomerang" b/w "Louise Louise" (MEGA 1). The single was produced by The News. The strange thing we found out is a year earlier in 1980 Frankie J Holden released a version (which can be found at post # 379) with the composer being Mick Flinn but on The News's version in 1981 the composer states Flinn/Kristian/Engel.


Slackjack said...

I have a copy of The News SOS (Stop Her On Sight) from 1968. Do you know who was in that group

Slackjack said...

OK - there appears to be 4 groups all called The News

1. The 1968 group
2. Another 1979-1982, who later changed their name to The Numbers
3. Then there is a punk group that I have recordings for from 1978-1980 that started out as the The Babeez
4. The group in this post.

Will see what else I can find.

Louise Salmon said...

I am looking for the Mick Flinn song 'Two Cans of Fosters and a Packet of Chips' - do you have it? Can't find it anywhere!

Ozzie Music Man said...

Louise do a search it is on the Blog :)