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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Post 415 - Jon English - Stand By Me / Stand By Me (Dance Mix)

In 1993, Jon English starred in the television comedy series "All Together Now". Playing the part of absent-minded, washed-up rock star Bobby Rivers was a good example of English's talents and the self-deprecating sense of humour that has made him a popular figure for so long. English issued "All Together Now" as a single. A new "Best of" album came out in July 1993, and he issued a single in September 1994 here for you to download, "Stand by Me" b/w "Stand By Me (Dance Mix)" (PDSCD 570) on Possum Records. Royalties from this single were donated to the N.S.W. Parkinson's Syndrome Society. Backing vocals was Justine Ballen and Amanda Hanna. Peter Dawkins produced the single with engineer Gavin Dutfield.


Rosie R. said...

Hi there,

Thanks so much for this! I didn't know about it till today.

I don't know how I missed it as back then I was working in a shopping centre and bought all my music from a young girl at Brashs who knew Jon personally.

We went to see him live together.

I have been a fan of Jon's since he walked onto the stage as "Judas Iscariot" in 1972.

I have a couple of rare tracks of Jon's - "Heaven on Their Minds" from Superstar and "King of the Blind".

Not sure if you are interested.

Marina said...

This is a real find!