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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Post 451 - The New Dream - Groupie EP

The Dream formed in 1967 by Alex Opitz and keyboard player Jenny Johnson, both from The Changing Times. In April 1969 the group was relaunched as The New Dream, and their style changed to exploit the current "bubblegum pop" trend; Glenn A Baker has written that their agency was grooming the band to take over from Zoot. They signed with Festival and issued their first two singles during the year, "Yours Until Tomorrow" and Catching Up On Fun", which made the Melbourne charts. Their first national success came with their third single, "Groupie", one of a string of successful bubblegum songs written by Buzz Cason, the American who also penned "Hayride" (the hit debut for The Flying Circus) and "Everlasting Love", which was also a big hit for The Town Criers. "Groupie" became a national hit. The band released 9 singles 1 LP and 3 EP's. Here to download is their 2nd EP "Groupie" (INX-11730) released on Infinity Records 1970. The group broke up at the end of 1972; with Alex Kadell embarked on a solo career, and Peter Reed joining Gary Young's Hot Dog. Thanks to Peter for this EP for us to post.


woodynet said...

terrific post OzzieMusicMan, i'm gunna enjoy this one.



Micko said...

Thanks from me as well for this one Mr & Mrs Ozzie. Our best bubblegum band.

By the way, the New Dreams bassist John DuBois went onto a noteworthy career playing bass with both Greg Quill's Country Radio & was then a founding member of The Dingoes, staying with that band till their demise

Thought you might like to know but thanks again :-)